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A Cleveland Man Gets Tattoo Of Charles Ramsey’s Face


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Tattoo artist Stephen Munhollon from Cleveland has permanently honored Charles Ramsey, who helped three abducted women escape from their captor last week by inking the hero’s face on his leg. Rodney Rose, an artist at Cleveland shop 252 Tattoo, posted a Facebook message offering a free Charles Ramsey portrait. His friend, Stephen Munhollon, took him up on the gift, telling Cleveland’s FOX affliliate: “I think Rodney and I were caught up in the ridiculousness of it,” said Munhollon. “You could ask the question, did I want to get Charles Ramsey tattooed on my leg, and the obvious answer is no. The real question is, was I willing to get Charles Ramsey tattooed on my leg, and the answer was yes.” “People even around here loved it because everyone knows who this guy is now,” said Rose. “I wasn’t sure if people would think it was Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley, but everyone knew right away it was Charles Ramsey.”

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