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$500 Single Mom Shopping Spree


We are doing it big for the holidays! So many single moms have all ready been hooked up with $500 shopping sprees thanks to IJUSTGOTHIT.COM and DeDe in the Morning, but we’re not done!

Check out this mom’s story she needed a helping hand…


9 Responses to “$500 Single Mom Shopping Spree”

  1. Myeshia

    Hi K104, I am a single disabled mother odf 2 girls one is 16 and the other is 12. We have really had a terrible year financially, emotionally and mentally. This will be the first year that I am unable nit to get them absolutely nothing, so I’m reaching out to you for any type of assistance. Thank you so much for the opportunity for the possibility of receiving a Christmas miracle. God bless you all!

  2. Sakiya

    I am a single mother I get no help from others or no one. I am mentally, physically, & emotionally tired. I push through for mines all year long I need help I can’t do it alone. Each year for 7 years my son hasn’t really had a real Christmas.

  3. Brittany Richmond

    Hi k104 my name is Brittany I have three children a 11yrs boy 9 yrs boy in a 7 yrs girl a deceased father I’ve been struggling each holiday for my children but with the help of god we make it through will really need this please help me in my love ones out

  4. Lauren Villareal

    Hello, I’m a single mom of 2 earlier this year we lost most of stuff due to a fire we got home to find out home completely damaged. I’ve tried to work hard these passed few months and rebuild our home things have been hard on us and my kiddos are very great full for anything this year.

  5. Khyla Miller

    I’m a single mom of two teenage girls and also a grandma too my youngest daughter had a son last year making it even harder for me but I’ve been praying and working a lot of overtime just to make ends meet. My apartments just went up on rent so Christmas is not looking good for me this year but if y’all could help us it would most definitely be a blessing

  6. Michael Gomez

    I know this is for single moms but what about single dad’s that need help too I only make 12an hour and only have enough to pay my bills this 500 would help out alot

  7. Michelle Byrd

    Hey my name is Michelle and I’m a single mother of 3. I relocated to Texas to get away from an abusive relationship. I just want to make my kids happy on Christmas for taking them out of what they knew to be their comfort zone. I would be so grateful for an opportunity for the shopping spree and know that would put the biggest smile on my girls face

  8. Aaliyah Hanks

    Hey K104 fam!!!! I am a single mom of two beautiful kids. I have a 4 year old some who loves Spider-Man and blippy. I have a daughter who is going to be 1 Dec 26th. I’ve been struggling for quite a while trying to make ends meet. I just recently had to use what I had saved to fix my axels and control arms in my car. I just want my kids to have a great Christmas and my daughter to be able to get some good learning toys for her birthday. Can you guys help me out??

  9. Diamond

    Hey K104 Family! I really don’t talk about my business too many hateful people around and I’m just tired of all the negativity around me so I distance myself from a lot of friends and family for my peace, but I am a new mommy and I have been let off work because I can’t find childcare right away so any and every source of money coming is used for bills and I just want to be able to make sure my baby has a great Christmas. I would like the help and if someone contacts me I would love to elaborate a bit more on my situation.


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