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$500 Shopping Spree


Shouts out to Justin and David Godsey who are always giving back to the community. If you are a single mother, they want to hook you up with a $500 shopping spree. For more details…[Click Here]

  • Mariah Kuykendall

    I need 350 for my car title transfer .

    • Mariah Kuykendall


  • Kiana

    My name is kiana and I just need enough to make my 1 year old son have a good Christmas just moved out on my own rent 730 single mom 18 years old just me and my son bills are due all around the same time so I can’t go Black Friday shopping just need to get him winter clothes and 2 toys my number is 903-357-7977 work 8:45 -4:30 so cant talk between them times

  • Brit

    Hello, my name is Brit and I am a single mother of two boys (12 and 10). The last few years have been hard and my boys haven’t had much of a Christmas, due to I help my mother pay her bills. I have taught my boys to be thankful for what they have because there are so many people that have much less, and that Christmas isn’t just about receiving gifts. So with that being said they don’t ask for much but it would be nice to let them have a good Christmas. This would truly be a blessing if received.

  • Misty long

    My name is misty, I want to 1st say wow!!! How awesome are you guys to be able to help out the single moms who have it so hard this time of year!!! Win or lose Its a blessing to many others!!
    although I only have 1 son things are so hard for us right now, I am facing a full application of my right arm due to a car wreck that happened in 1991 and I have been taken off work many times due to the pain and blood clots.. It’s just the 2 of us I don’t have family to help me out and we have been evicted due to lack of funds!! I have been praying that life gets better for us! I know there is many mommies out there who need the help they can get!! May God bless each and ev

  • Raquel lopez

    My Name is Raquel, I’m a 22 y/o mother to my two y/o boy. Things aren’t going as I planned for this Christmas. I have a part time job working janitorial which is 6-10. I can’t find a full time night job or a babysitter to get a full time day job. 6-10 doesn’t give me much I have to pay my car insurance and our necessities and by the end of the day I probably have $100 that I have to stretch for 2 weeks for gas or anything that comes up . Christmas this year doesn’t look like much under the tree for him. I just want to be able to get him everything he wants this year. Since I couldn’t the past 2. I want to thank y’all even if I don’t get it for blessing other mothers in the same situation I am in. We have to stick together and make a difference in this world.

  • Alica Moore

    My name is lisa I’m 26 and i have 3 kids 10-6-5 I came here for a better start. Its been hard though i been here a month now. I havent seen my babies in a month due to my work schedule. I work hard but doesn’t seem to be paying off! I stay in a room at the moment because thats all i can afford. I dont have a car so im literally living check to check! Im trying not to give up and have faith I’m even missing thanksgiving! I need this cash because around that time I’ll probably be barely getting on my feet i wont be able to afford christmas. Im a single mother im just trying to make a way outta no way!

  • Kay

    My name is Kay, I’m a single mother of 3 kids two girls 4, 6, and son 11. Transferred from Indiana in March 2016, lost my job in October 2016 because my site closed. Couldn’t pay my car note so lost my car and I live in a non- transit area outside Dallas. I’ve been unemployed for 13 months, It’s been rough but my kids understand things are tight and don’t ask for much so this would be great for them to get something this Christmas. God bless Happy Holidays!

  • Quierra Forest

    Hellooo I’m Quierra Forest Iam a mother of 5 kids and one on the way she will be here November 24 Im having her early due to growing restriction it’s hard dealing with a pregnancy for her to be born early since it’s just me and i have no help i have had to go to churches and other pregnancy places just for her to at least have clothes and pampers and I just want to be able to buy her more items and also my other chickens as well its hard when you have nothing coming in not working at this time and a single mother no help from my family only people that have made it a little easier in my pregnancy was by me goin to churches and pregnancy centers to get clothes for my unborn whatever i can for her to have until im able to provide.. I know everything may not be so bright on my side right now but i at least want my babies to know im trying..

  • Nicole Jackson

    Hello my name is Nicole jackson I’m a mother of 5 wonderful kids 11,10,6,5,and 11 months I have nothing to give to my kids for the holidays my son birthday was yesterday and couldn’t have anything to give him but he understood because he knows the hard work I try too provide for him and his younger siblings my kids never ask for much but giving a chance to have a good Christmas this year will light they faces up. It shows in trying my best to see them smiling that’s the real blessing God bless

  • Ashley Paige

    Hi! My name is Ashley I’m a single mom of 5 the ages 16, 12, 10, 6, and 4. For the last two Christmas my kids didn’t have a Christmas due to the fact I couldn’t afford to buy them anything. When I moved from Louisiana in 2014 and til now it’s a struggle raising 5 kids with no help and making sure they have what they need and want. All I want to see this year a big smile on my kids face. God Bless

  • Alicia Ford

    Hello my name is Alicia I am a 34 yr old single mother of 3 and currently unemployed due to injuring my back I recently moved to Texas 9 months ago to take care of my grandfather who recently passed away my daughter cane with me to Texas but my two sons are still in California and I would give anything to be able to provide a good Christmas for my children especially this because I am unable to be there for my two boys due to bring unemployed. Thank you in Advance Have a bless holiday My children are 14, 9 and 6 and they are my everything

  • Aleshia Moore

    Hi I’m aleshia Jacobs mother of 5 kids I’m 26 years old just recently moved to Dallas I just lost my job due to Walmart bull shit of lies I am on child support for 3 of my kids cause of my mom gambling habits of being money hungry I don’t have much to give my babies but I am trying my best they ages are 7,6,5,4,2 years old the last baby is in cps custody over the most stupidest reasons It’s hard out here when you don’t have no one to help so I figure why not try this.

  • Livian Newton

    Hi my name is Livian Newton and I am a single mom of a beautiful 2 year old baby girl. I’m working but struggling paycheck to paycheck getting by, it’s really hard sometimes to stay positive, but I do have faith and believe God will see me through. I would love the chance to give my daughter and mom a wonderful Christmas. My mom means everything to me because she watches my daughter when I work without any charge. I don’t know what I’d do without her support. So a little shopping spree would be a nice surprise all around for my family

  • Crystal Lynn Oliver Degen

    I’m Crystal, a single mother of 3. With limited income and expensive rent, I’m barely keeping my head above water. I recently lost my vehicle to a title loan because I was injured on the job and no insurance. I’ve always been able to provide a little something and feel ashamed to ask for any help. It would be a blessing to just to be able to give something. I have faith it’ll work out and thank you for listening

  • Livi Young

    Hello My names Nisi and I’ve been sighing up every year hoping that will get chosen one day so that I could blessed 2 of my beautiful kids for xmas for I am a stay at home mom whose just praying that will get chosen this year to make these two beautiful kids of mine who are my whole world smile for xmas. I grew up receiving things that we were blessed with in a household of 10 people who were raised by grandparents who were old fashion when it came to holidays. And all that matters to me is seeing my kids smile for they deserve a special Christmas every year that’s gone by they would get about two to three things and I just feel like they deserve more then just 3 things for xmas. We go window shopping just so the kids can put down things they would like to have for xmas and hope that santa will bless them with those things from their list. Please K104 bless my kids this year with whatever toys that you bless them with from a Mother who loves her kids dearly and hope for nothing but the best for them when it comes to holidays like this. Bless your hearts in Jesus Name Amen!

  • Shadia Singleton

    Hello my name is shadia i am a Single mother of three beautiful children ages 2 4 and 7 I’m 26 years old and as a mother I do struggle and I feel terrible every time this year comes around for Christmas because I can never afford gifts for my children always depending on family members to try to help pick up slack I feel terrible at times and I wish I could provide a better Christmas for them this year so please if you can help give my three children a good Christmas this year I will be so grateful appreciated it I tried to win every year and I’m hoping this year will be so much better for us

  • Ella

    Hello my name is Ella and I am 29 years old single mother. I have a 9 and 8 year old. We recently moved out of a shelter we were in for 8 months. I can barely pay rent and buy groceries. I only have one source of income. I don’t have any extra money to buy gifts. I don’t want my children to go without this Christmas. My kid’s have been looking at ads in the mail and circling what they want. I don’t want them to wake up on Christmas with nothing. Please help me this Christmas, I have no other way to buy gifts. It’s hard to save money because my car has been breaking down and I have to pay to get things fixed on it. Please bless my kid’s this Christmas. Thank you.

  • Gwendolyn Gardner

    Hello to all my name is Gwendolyn and I’m a single mother age 25.I have four kids ages 3y8y5y and 10months,My oldest kids will look on the tv in tell me that they want this and that but all I can do is tell them we have to crawl before we walk.I have one income a month and I can’t work do to two of my children health problems so I’m a stay at home mother.The money that I do get a month goes on I place to stay so this will be such a blessing for my kids to have something that’s they have in they mind that they not having.Thank y’all for reading in have a blessed day.

  • Quinece

    Hello my name is Quinece Jones I’m a single mother of 5 one girl and four boys. We currently live in hotel so that we won’t be in the streets. It’s the holiday season and my kids are telling me what they want for Christmas and all I can say is ok I will try my best. Paying these weekly fees and making sure we can eat is already a great struggle. This would such a great blessings for my kids because they did not have a Christmas last year and to see smiles on their faces this year for Christmas would make me feel so much better. We definitely would be so grateful and thankful for any help. Thank you for reading. You guys stay Blessed.

  • Gabrielle

    Good morning K104 team! My name is Gabrielle. A single mother of a 3 year old. Last year I was not able to give my baby girl a Christmas. It was truly the saddest time of my life. We were “homeless,” not having a stable home. This year I am struggling to make ends meet. With rent, car note and bills, I try my best to give her the things she wishes for. (Wants).
    In this cooperate America it is so hard to make the most happen. I grew up with a single mother myself and knowing how it felt to be told no, or I can’t afford it, or maybe.
    I would appreciate the help, I would be ever so grateful with the help of the team. (K104& Justin and David) God bless you all for making this possible for every single mother out there!!!

  • Carneshia Hicks

    Good morning K104 my name is carneshia Hicks and I am a single mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old last year I was not able to get my son what I wanted to get him for Christmas because rent I had to pay the rent. rent is at the end of the month it’s either toys or the rent and I hate that it has to be that way. I just graduated from hair school so right now I’m not working and I am looking for a job but I am also carless so it’s kind of hard to get my son back and forth from daycare I would really appreciate you all if I was to get this gift card for my son for Christmas this year I will be so grateful and I will be honored that you guys are willing to help any single mother out there and I think that is a beautiful thing and may the Lord bless you all to do much better and greater things have a blessed day.

  • Sheila Dumas

    Hello my name is Sheila Dumas of Arlington and I’m a single mother of three.When I was younger my oldest two children were adopted and we’re moved threw several foster homes.Well they both became of age and my 17 yrold daughter found me threw Facebook in July of 2017 I sent for her and my oldest 19 yr old son.They now live with me and my 13 yr old son.Im really trying to give them a good Christmas that they all deserve but I just can’t financial alone I’m struggling very hard to even keep up with the rent but I try to maintain with GOD ALONG MY SIDE I’m just really needing a BLESSING


  • Juju Trevillion

    Goodmorning all, I am a single mother of a 10 year old who I’d like to say is my guardian angel,without being the appointed steward of her I would not be the woman I am today. She’s a straight A student very respectful has never given me any problems considering I had no help and very little guidance as I was coming up , we have always moved house to house because I dropped out of college to get a job and raise her as we all know jobs are not promising so we finally got stable in Oklahoma lost our home to a tornado moved to Texas and I’m working to get stable which means she won’t have Christmas . She doesn’t ask for much , she’s very understanding to be a child , and is always willing to be without because she knows my grapple. All she want is an I-pad and I feel bad because she deserves that and so much more. She is having to live in Mississippi with my grandmother until I can get a place here, my daughter thinks I am very calculable and I really don’t want to let her down anymore than I’ve already unintentionally done. I don’t need the entire 500 if chosen, I just want her to get an I-pad and someone else child can have what is left. I’m not one to snivel because I know wouldn’t put more on me than I can bare even if my daughter isn’t chosen I would like other mothers to read our story and know that they are not alone and things may seem unyielding be patient keep the faith! Although we are unable to provide material things for our children at the moment , give them what money can’t buy and that’s love, support, instill moral and values in them and encourage them to be way better than we are! Happy Holidays!

  • Sierra Williams

    Good morning K104 my name is Sierra Williams Single Mother Of 2 Boys And 1 Girl Times has been hard. Right now I work from 9-6 Monday thur Sunday Don’t have no off days and it seems like the only money I’m making is to pay the bills then I’m back broke I would love too see my kids have a good Christmas this year they usually on get like 2 toys and i want more for them to remember this Christmas please help me K104 It would mean the world to me too see my kids get the Christmas they deserve

  • Gjess89

    Hello I’m a single mother of 3, my name is Jessica. I’ve recently moved down here from California! Anything that can help me out for Christmas would be much appreciated. I work full time and I’m trying to get them things but it’s really hard. I just don’t want them to go without. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Keisha L Burke

    Hello my name is Keisha, and I would like to sign my sister up for the $500 give away for Christmas. She is a single mother of 2 children. My nephew is 15 (dad not around,hard to do for him at this age.Everything is so expensive) and my niece is 8 (dad passed away from cancer)My sister tries her best to make the holidays special but it has been really hard for her.

  • Odessa

    Hello, my name is Odessa. Single mother of 5. Anything that can help me out will truly be a blessing and much appreciated. I recently just started a new job so I’m trying to catch up on my bills. It just hard for me this year. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • meredith ramos

    Hi good afternoon my name is Meredith. I am a single mother of 1. My daughter is 3 years old soon to be 4 and the sweetest little girl ever. I’m currently pregnant with my 2nd child and am due in March. I was in a abusive relationship with the father of my 2nd baby on many occasions he would belittle me or physically try and hurt me. I had a job at a dentist office but he made me quit it and school when we had moved in together. I’m currently back in to college but unemployed and thankfully am living back with my mother. I have had no luck finding a job and have applied to many places because I wanted for my daughter to have a great Christmas. It would mean the world to me if I could win this so that she could have a wonderful Christmas. My daughter’s father is not in the picture because he unfortunately chooses not to be. I had her when I was 15 and from then have been raising her on my own. I have always maintained a job until now. It would mean the world to me to win this. Thank you K104 for this opportunity God bless you all!

  • Lottero Carter

    Lottero I am a single mother of 2 Children with disabilities one has seizures and one had two brain surgeries and now his on a feeding tube. So I would really appreciate it if you can be a blessing to me and my children for Christmas cause it’s been rough for a year since their dad walk out. I haven’t been able to find work due to no baby sitter or my youngest in and out the hospital

  • Gracie Medrano

    Hello my name is Gracie. I️ am a single mother of a three in a half year old soon to be four in January. I️ have been working paying bills and school loan so I️ can get back into school soon. We moved here a year ago and everything has been going good just that I’m not sure if I️ will have the money for Christmas this year due to bills. I have no family here so I️ have been working at my job trying to save extra money for him. I️ really want my son to have a good Christmas/ birthday that’s back to back. I️ have been getting little hours since he has a speech delay and has been getting help from therapy. I️ really hope he can wake up on Christmas and be a happy kid opening gifts that I️ know he would like. I️ would really appreciate to be a winner for this and thanks for this opportunity. May god bless you guys for doing this for the single mothers.

  • Heather Gentry

    Hi my name is heather gentry I’m a single mother of 3 a 11 year old girl 6 year old boy an a 3 month old boy I had recently lost everything due to hardship lost my job due to complications during my pregnancy I am now trying to find me a job an get back on my feet right now I am living with a friend

  • Heather Gentry

    I have tried getting help from other organizations but can’t receive any help because they need my child’s birth certificates an social numbers which I don’t have in the moment because the friend that I was staying with had threw away some of my belongings which had all that information in the container that was threw away I have recently moved here from Georgia so it’s kind of hard to replace my 2 children’s birth certificates that were born in Georgia due to the lack of financial problems so you will be my last hope of trying to get any help for my children thank you an have a blessed day

  • Modesty

    I want to sign my mother up. This would make her year. This year has been a struggle for her. My mother goes over and beyond for everyone. I would love to see her win. It will be a true blessing.

  • Cathy Mcomber

    Hey K104- I would like to nominate my friend Alishia. She has two beautiful girls – ages are 10 months and 2. They are my Goddaughters and two of the sweetest girls you could ever meet. Unfortunately, they lost their father earlier this year, he was killed in a Kroger parking lot over door ding. Alishia was eight months pregnant with their second daughter when he was killed and she has had an extremely tough year as you can imagine. Christmas is going to be very tight for her this year and this would be such a blessing for her and the girls, please consider her! And thank you for doing this- God Bless y’all!

    Cathy McOmber
    [email protected]

  • Tanika Thomas

    Hi my name is Tanika. I’m a single mom of 4. My youngest are 11 and 8. We were just put out of our apt illegally a week ago and are now pretty much homeless . The maintenance and management stole my children’s shows clothes my daughters lap top my son just had a birthday and stole his birthday gifts. Along with the food from my freezer and their snacks. I can’t make this up if I wanted to. We are in a motel for now or for as long as I can afford it. I just want my children to have a nice Christmas. They are such great kids not once have they complained about what they don’t have anymore. Still have smiles on their faces. My daughter told me there are people who still have less than us and we just need to pray for the people who stole from us. Thank you very much for considering us for the holiday shopping spree.
    Blessings to you all

  • Tempest Jones

    Hello, my name is Tempest Jones. I’m a single mom of two, a seven year old boy and four year old girl. Recently, our lives have been shaken. My daughter’s father, whom I had been in a relationship with, admitted to being addicted to drugs and is now going to rehab. I let my son go stay with his father for the remainder of the school year to keep him from having to deal with all the drama I’m going through now. Sad thing is I just enrolled back into school to obtain a Science in Psychology in Addiction degree (funny how that worked out.) and am really struggling to make ends meet for us, even though I’ve always been the sole provider for our family and somehow manage it every month, but after bills and everything there’s barely enough left over even for gas. Normally I wouldn’t nominate myself, I don’t like to be selfish, but I want to be able to give my babies a good Christmas. Life is hard enough and I just want them to be able to be happy again. They mean the world and more to me.

  • Angela Mason

    Hello, I’m Angela Mason. I have a 16 year old daughter mamed Myah. We’ve had a really, really bad year. Last November in 2016 my mother took ill. My younger sister had me evicted and sold the family home that my mom worked hard and paid for by herself. I fought my sister in court and lost because it was my mother’s home not mine. The federal court judge ordered my sister to pay rent in new apartment until January 2018. Well, she paid two months on time. In June, I started to get eviction notices every month. September and October no payment. Needless to say my daughter and I were locked out. I’m a dialysis patient on disability and could not afford the rent where my sister chose for me to live. It was far away from my treatment center and my daughter”s school but I drove the distance everyday. I made this drive January to November of this year. My sister took my mother away from me, most of family and friends by selling home and made to live with her and preacher husband. I was told not to come over or call but I called anyway but she would never answer or return texts. While waiting on kidney transplant the doctors want me to be well in every area. On October 24, I had surgery on my stomach. While in recovery I received a call from my daughter crying because we had been locked out of apartment. Luckily, she had best friends mom turn around to pick up. The same evening as I’m recovering, I received the call that my mom had passed away. The hospital released me and I drove myself to daughter’s best friends home where we spent the night. The next night we stayed at mom’s best friends home. We were able to get back in apartment to get belongings. In the meantime I found new place to stay close to treatment center and put daughter in new school. I did all of this while going to dialysis three days a week for four hours and with a cut and very swollen stomach. I didn’t have a choice because we would have been on the street. God has blessed us with a roof over our heads and it takes all of my disability benefits but now I don’t have to stress and worry about my rent being paid. My daughter only wants a tv for room and clothes. She’s not the typical teenager. She’s had to grow up really fast with all we’ve been through and she helps taking care of me. We would be grateful and appreciative of your assistance. Thank you.

  • Jessica funes

    Hello my name is Jessica Funes I am single mom I have 3 kids . I work so hard to try to give them a good Christmas but some how I can’t and pray for just one Christmas to be able to buy presents and a Christmas tree to put the presents under. Rent and bills are going to be pass due and as much i work I don’t make enough after taxes plus student loan takes so much out. I just don’t know what to tell them that we won’t have Christmas presents this year again. Please help me make this Christmas a good one for them.

  • Gabby Nevarez

    Good morning my name is Gaby and I’m a single mother of two a 2 year old boy and a 13 year old daughter we recently moved from California where we lived our whole life leaving behind our family and packing what we could on our luggage getting on a flight and starting from scratch all due to domestic violence since we have been here in Texas it’s been very difficult for me and extremely difficult for my 13 year old adjusting to a new school she was being bullied and then when all this is going on my mother gets sick back in California my mother raised my daughter so to my daughter MOM WAS GRANDMA we get the news that we have to fly out to California because my mother isn’t doing to good we get to California and she gets to see my kids and we talked pretty much God gave us the opportunity to say goodbye to mom it’s been very difficult for me grieving and for my daughter also I hope we are taken into consideration for this great blessing thank you so much….. God bless

  • Jazemyn

    My name is Jazemyn I’m a single mother of a two yr old little boy, I had lost my job but thankfully i got a new one but I’m not able to get my son presents because I’m behind on bills this 500 dollars would help a lot because I’ve never been able to give him much.

  • Krystal

    My name is Krystal and I’m a single mom of a 3year old boy and recently got out of a domestic violence relationship and had to move and start from scratch I’m behind on bills and trying to make ends meet 500 dollars would really help god bless

  • precious

    Hello my name is precious im 31 years or with 3 kids 2 girls their ages are 11 yrs old and 12 yrs old straight a students and my son is 10 years old he is also a straight A student… At the time we are staying in a hotel im looking for a job from sun up to sun down but im not having any luck…And on top of that i have to make sure i have the room money so we can have a roof over are head at this time money is extra tight and im not going to be able to get anything for my kids for christmas! I really need the help i was sitting in the hotel watching my kids play and i was listening to k104 and in my head i was praying for a hint or answer on what i need to do for my kids for Christmas cause they are really good kids and they deserve to be able to enjoy Christmas too and that when i heard about this im praying we get help thank u and have a wonderful night

  • Tasha Jenay Graves

    My name is Tasha, I have a 5 year old, 3 year old and 2 year old all girls. I also have been taking care of my 10 month old niece while my sister has been ill. We have had to move in with distant family due to the loss of my husband and children’s father. I’ve been trying to get a job but it’s difficult while taking care of 4 young children which 3 are to young for school and have no family or friends that could help. I don’t have anyone in my life that could help me out, my kids probably won’t get anything for Christmas this year beside a trip to the park. I truly do need a miracle. My kids and I would be unspeakably greatful for this $500 shopping spree to toys r us.

  • Brittany Perkins

    My name is Brittany I’m a single mother i have an 9yr old daughter This is the roughest time her dad doesn’t celebrate Christmas every since we divorced and it’s very hard to get her the things she really likes if there’s anything you can do I’d be very thankful for it God Bless

  • Jazmine Boutique

    Good morning K104 happy holidays to you all can you please help my sister with her two kids. She hasn’t had a full-time job in over a year she got one been working there for one month and then to hear they’re all going to get let go on next Friday during the holidays.. I hope you guys can help her and I appreciate it. Thank you!!

  • Rolanda Bradley

    Hi k104 my name is Rolanda Bradley I’m a single mother of 2 Kids Bryant and Royalty Williams I’m 29 I’ve been on dialysis for the past 2 years and I’ve been on a set monthly income which is barely enough for the month I recently moved to Dallas in hopes of finding a good kidney doctor to get a transplant this would be a blessing to me and my children in order for them to have a Christmas god bless you and thanks for thinking about us single mothers

  • Sheron Day

    Hi,my name is Sheron Day and I’d like to request help for my 23 year old daughter who is struggling to raise a bright almost 7 yr old daughter. She had to move back in with me 6 months ago due to domestic violence in her relationship. I am disabled and can’t really help her like I used to. She is working very hard trying to keep up with her car payment and insurance. But the restaurant industry is very slow right now, and she has not been making much money. Sometimes only 20 dollar for four hours. She tries to pick up hours but is sent home after driving 20 miles to the job. This shopping spree will really help her out and put a smile on my granddaughters face! I will appreciate anything you can so to gel her out, even if she shares the shopping spree with another mom.
    God Bless and happy holidays!
    Sheron Day

  • Debbie Hayes

    Hi, my name is Debbie Hayes and I like to request help for my kids I am a single mother of 4 I am struggling to give my kids a life I never had I teaches my kids that anything is possible I manage to put one of my kids in college I have 1 graduate in 2018 and 1 graduate in 2019 and my 10 year old and I show them that no matter what we go through and what we don’t have as long as we have each other and God we will get through it. I haven’t been able to give them the things they want in life but I give them they needs and I feel bad that I cannot get them anything for Christmas but I am believing and trusting God that He will make a way out of no way. All I make is enough to make sure our bills is paid and when you have family that done turn they backs on you because you move to give your kids a better life I rather be family free than to have my kids attached to the system. I will appreciate anything you all can help us out with. God Bless And Happy Holidays!!!

  • Dominique Friend

    Hi my name is Dominique Friend a single mother of 2 kids my soon to be 12 year old son and my 10 year old daughter, I been on medical leave from my job because I can’t stand for a long period of time without my feet and ankles swelling, I haven’t received a check or nothing since I been on medical leave and my job is my only income, my rent is due my son birthday is December 3rd and along with that Christmas is right around the corner and I’m not able to do none/nothing I hope I’m picked cause it’ll be a BIG blessing….Thank you all

  • Catrina Corn

    Hello and good morning k104 my name is catrina Jones and I’m a single mother of 3. Girl that’s 14 and 2 boys ages 7 and 11. They mean the world to me and I’m asking u for help this year for Christmas for my kiddos. We live in a one bedroom motel in grand prairie tx. I work a part time job because that’s all I can work of the liver failure I have. I can barely afford my rent every 2 weeks please help me make this Christmas the 1 they won’t forget. Thank u so much. God bless u all.

  • Laquita D

    Good evening my name is Laquita Dunn I am a single mother of 1 daughter that is 7years old and one on the way in Dec 15, 2017. Right now I am still working due to me having to pay bills and can not afford to leave work yet, then I found out cause I have long term disability that I will not be getting paid while I am on maternity leave, so I am trying to save every penny I get with working over time and 7 days a week,so I can make sure that my bills are paid when I am off work. Then that Christmas and my daughter Birthday Jan.3 is right there too. I am scared and cry every night that my baby will wake up with nothing under the tree.

  • Diana Cortes

    Hi it’s Diana Cortes I am a single mother with two wonderful kids that are my whole life right now I am working at a warehouse as a temp my job only give me 3or 4 days of work each week that only pays me 9.50 an hour I don’t make much money at the moment I live check by check at a small trailer in Dallas. I will hope k104 would help me out this year for the holidays ,I really need a miracle for my kids I love then so much I try my best each day . Thank you k104 . 😊😊

    • Eartha

      Hy my name is eartha washington i have 4 kids that i care for and i am helping some one throw the foster care i belive in helpin kids that need a loveing home i give my love out to kid all ways i just want a good Christmas for them i see things in gods eyes when it come to help my heart is there for children that need me so i am asking for your help for Christmas for them i am looking forward to make a good Christmas for them a baby that i also have throw foster care so if i can get the help it would mean the would to me to see them happy that is all i want fro Christmas is to see a happy face i wish i could give the would to the children happy to all of them i need to bring them in and jeep them all if i had a 10 bedroom home i will bring in all of them but shine done on me god bless you thank you.

  • Lakeitha Key

    Hello K104,
    My name is Lakeitha Key. I’m writing you in regards to my sister Shambrecia Key. She is a very good mom of 3 children. My niece is 6 and my 2 nephews is 8 and 14. My sister recently separated from her husband about 7 months ago and really been down on her luck. She is renting a house and just last week been told by her landlord that he is selling the house and she has to be out by Jan 3, 2018. This is very devasting news at this time during the holidays. My niece and nephews deserve to have a good Christmas without her having to worry about how she’s going to come up with the money to move let alone Christmas for her kids. I would love it and appreciate if you could bless her and her 3 kids with a good Christmas at this troublesome time. She don’t know I’m doing this but her number is 469-254-7659. My number is 469-508-6766. Thank you and God Bless you.

  • Donesha Alford

    Hey K104 , My Name Is Donesha Alford And I’m A Single Mother Of A 7 Year Old Girl , And I Also Took In My 13 Year Old Niece & 8 Year Old Nephew. And Time Are Very Hard For Me To Care For 3 Kids By My Self No Help From Anyone, Not Even The State . Just Lost My Home And We Standing With A Friend Girl Of Mine ‘ And Only Thing I Want To Do Is Make They Christmas Great And See a smile on They faces . So K104 Can Y’all Please Help Me Out . My number is(682) 412-4263. Please and Thanks

  • Elexus King

    Hey K104, My name is Elexus King I’m a single mother of 3. Two daughters and a son ages 5,2 and 10 months. God blessed us with an apartment I’ve been staying with my grandmother for the past 7 months due my kids losing their dad in an accident, bills are piling up my car just gave out and I just want my children to have a nice Christmas. Please K104 can you help me out my number is 4694459111

  • Deann King

    Hi i dont know if yall are stil doing this but heres my story. I have 7 months old twins. We were medevaced to Dallas 5 months ago to Childrens because one of the girls hasnt been able to swallow since birth. They tried for 2 months to get her to swallow before finally having to give her a trach because she was aspirating her own spit and the milk she refluxed. 6 days after her trach she developed NEC and had to have 60% percent of her kidneys removed. They said she wouldnt make it. Its been 3 months and we get to go home soon. Shes doing great. But after 5 months living away from home in a motel ect. We dont have money for christmas for them. I know their young, but its been hard watching all these holidays pass that we didnt get to be apart of as family. And now we will all be together for christmas but have no money for one. Well hope yall had a great thanksgiving. (806)382-2357

  • Shante

    Hi my name is Shante single mother of 3..Just like every year I work hard at temp services just afford to pay bills.Well this year has been a little different got a better job..Really thought I was going to be able to get gifts without assistance but really in need some help even if it’s just a 100 dollar shopping spree…thankful for whatever….I have overcome homelessness these last few years
    With my two daughters had my son and kept on pushing harder to make sure ends meet…
    Very Thankful to have got this far….blessings to. You all…and Happy Holidays

  • Celeste Martinez

    Hi!! My name is Celeste Martinez I am 21 years old and the oldest of 3. My mother Gabriella has been a single mother since my father was murdered when I was 8 years old. At the time she only had my brother and I. A few years later she had my little sister with a man who was not even capable of taking care of himself and left when my sister was only a year old. She has even taken up extra hours to help me get through college. It has always been us 4 even when family doubted us or did not even worry about us. I am so thankful for my mom for not giving up on us when times got hard. We moved around a lot but she always made sure we had a roof over our heads and food to eat. We have never wanted anyone to feel bad for us but rather know our journey and see 4 strong individuals just trying to make the most of life. She is an amazing and strong person and would love to have this gift to be able to give my siblings a special Christmas that they deserve.

  • Erica T kemp

    Hi my name is Erica. I am a 34 year old single mom of one daughter. She is 2. I am a new Orleans native. Went through hurricane Katrina and moved around for years until I came to Dallas Texas in 2008. Found out I had a flesh eating parasite inside my body which caused me to lose partial right leg. So I had to start again building my life all over. On top of that my job stayed discriminating against me, from now considered being handicap. In 2014 I found out I was exasperating my first child that o was told I couldn’t have. My little miracle. Unfortunately her father died a week before I had her. Talking about sacrifice. I have been doing everything imaginable to keep her with everything she need. I just need a little help for the holidays and will be so humble and blessed. Thanks for listening

  • Charice hinton

    Hello my name is charice Hinton I would like to receive the Christmas shopping spree it has been a real hard year for me I just got ROBBED at gun point taking things I owned which SET me back with my bills so I’m stressing about my kids Christmas Ice cried but with GOD on my side I know my kids and I will be blessed.

  • Danielle Hall

    Hi my name is Danielle i have 3 girls and 1 boy. The youngest 2 dad died in a wreck last year and tge other 2 dad is in prison! We all have a storty and a struggle, i dont like 2 complain or adk for hand outs but I would be sooooooo gratefull for some help with Christmas this year! Much love n thanks for always helping are community!:)

  • Charice hinton

    My name is charice Hinton I’m 35 single mother with 3 girls .It has been a hard year for me but my children have been great and understanding I was ROBBED at gunpoint the robber taking everything by them doing that it SET me back in bill and etc.but my kids are still loving and understanding .I was stressing about how I was going to get them Christmas gifts but I have faith and I know GOD has me and my babies it gets hard but i make things pull though so please consider my family for the shopping spree

  • Shondaa Maco

    My name is Shonda, my mom is Shawn, she has 3 kids, including me being the oldest, she doesn’t ask for hand outs and is always helping others, we’re both currently working but its only enough to get bills paid, shes going through a divorce and was in a relationship with domestic violence, she and I are both starting from scratch with barely anything to our names but bills, I was robbed by people whom I thought were my friends abd ended up losing my apartment, and moving back with my mom, she has my siblings who are both now in high school, my sister being a senior this year, my brother is a sophomore, and she’s trying her hardest to keep everything together she was working two jobs until her assignment ended on one.. my steodad doesn’t really help, and the $500 shopping spree would really help her..even if she used it to pay up bills and fill up the house with groceries..

  • Mindy Green

    Hi, my name is Mindy, I am reaching out for help for my big sister. Amy is a 35yr old single mom of 5. Amy doesn’t ask for much from anyone, she works a minimum wage (literally) job. With rent, bills, car note and child care she has no room to splurge. She is the giver the helper the one who provides if she has it. At this time of the year its hard to set back and watch her bet herself up for not being able to do for the babies. She is so strong to do it all on her own, 5 kids are a hand full, but to work 6 days,3 kids in school with all their homework and a toddler that needs her full attention and a baby on her hip, her bills fell behind just last month and she legit bounced back like the super mom she is. Amy deserves to be able to do for her babies. If she wins this shopping spree it wouldnt only make her day it will be a life long blessing for her to look back on. Something she could tell her children as they get older,That God does answer prayer.

  • Victoria Madrigal

    Hi, I’m Victoria, I’m 19 years old. I’m a single mom of 2 kids both under 2. I’m currently out of a job due to domestic violence and many people I’ve asked for help deny me cause how young I am and how young my daughter’s are. They may be small but I still want to provide them with a nice Christmas after how much stress this year put them through. Back in August my oldest daughter had cleft lip repair surgery and I’ve been struggling with bills. Anything would help, even programs to help assist me is a blessing.

  • jesalinh hinojosa

    Hi my name is Jesalin I’m a single mom I recently lost my ccms daycare because I did not meet required hours for working, that led me to loosing my job now I’m staying with a friend with my son who will turn 3 on December 20th 2017. I am 19 years old and I am also due with my baby girl in febuary 2018. I would love to be able to get my son Christmas this year because I am struggling as well as others. I just got my new job last week but unfortunately don’t get paid enough to get Christmas this year. My number is 682-347-1761 if you can do anything to help even one gift I will really appreciate it. God bless

  • Chandra Tinker

    Hello K104 im a 31 yr old single mother of 1 a lil boy who is 8yrs old but is as big as a 16 yr old. I will be grateful of any kind of help for my son. My son an I lost his father a couple of years ago due to a train collision in hoxie, Arkansas and unfortunately it’s just me and him now. I have a part time job but that’s just enough to pay my car note every 2 wks and my car insurance on the opposite weeks. I have been looking for jobs in phlebotomy but nobody will hire me. Due to lack of experience but I am certified. My son does attend school mon-fri. But I wasn’t able to get him anything for Christmas last year nor am I able to this year because of no help and no funds. I am reaching out to you for help to make my son’s Christmas be remembered I thank God that my son isn’t ungrateful. He is kind,loving and he never ask for anything for Christmas I think because he knows that I don’t have the money but I know that there is a God and something will happen even if you can help with one gift that’s fine as well. If u want to contact me my number is (214)306-1439. Thank you and God bless. Have a prosperous day.

  • Selena Foster


  • Netsemani Delgado

    Hello I am Netsemani Delgado a young single mother of two my oldest is a girl her name is Anailah shes 4years old and my son is a year old name is Joey I don’t have a job because I don’t have a car to get around I’m not able to provide a good Christmas for them both I would appreciate your help K104 you would help me out a lot .

  • Jazmynne Wilkerson

    Hello my name is Jazmynne Wilkerson I’m a 24 year old single struggling mother of two 4 year old twins, boy and girl and a 1 year old who’s birthday is coming up on December 16. I’m a victim of domestic violence and due to certain circumstances I’m not able to work and this would be perfect for my babies. Thank you K104 for giving back!

  • Krysta Cogan

    My name is Krysta Cogan

  • Krysta Cogan

    my name is Krysta Cogan.
    I am a single mom of three with another on the way due in March. I work a job as a CNA but that doesn’t even pay the bills I’m behind on a lot and we are looking at a Christmas with nothing, I do my best but of course bills come first.. I would appreciate any and all help you may be able to help me with. either way if I am picked or not it’s a wonderful thing you guys are doing for these single mom’s and their children!

  • Lisa Edelstein

    My name is Lisa and I’m a single mother of 7 with 1 grandchild that I am raising, so that gift card would really come in handy for me.

  • Nakeisha

    Hey my name is Nakiesha and am single mom of 3 kids and they my world. I work everyday just to take care of them but paying bills and dealing with my daughter cheerleading makes it hard for me cause I want to give them everything I never had when I was a kid. So that gift card will help me a lot.
    Thank you for considering me

  • Angelica Torres

    My name is Angelica Torres, single mom of two boys my Alexander who is five and oliver who is three. I had my children young my first at 19, I have always worked hard to support my kids when I was pregnant with my Alexander I worked 3 jobs to support him. His dad left soon and never seen him again.., when I got pregnant with Oliver his dad was abusive in every way possible I left him. I have been on my own for a long time both dads do not help and I work 7 days a week to pay our bills. Its hard oliver is high functioning autistic and is now just coming out of his shell. Alexander and oliver are the most sweetest boys ever I don’t know how I got blessed with wonderful children. I think of of the biggest things that has killed me as a mother is my kids do NOT ask for anything.. Nothing y’all and I wonder if they sense that we don’t have very much? Its hard because my kids deserve the world! Its hurts that I can’t not buy them birthday presents , have parties , buy Christmas decorations or even Christmas gifts. Last year was the first year we ever had a tree because I could only afford that but the happiness my kids felt was the most amazing thing ever as a mother.I understand some moms and get them a gift later or make up for it but honestly I can’t make up those gift later on. Its has gotten even more difficult this year my family all moved back to my home town San Antonio, I don’t have a support system I’m often crying alone.. I really hope one day my kids look back at me see all the hard work I do to support them and all they love they get.

    • Angelica Torres

      One more thing, I wanna let all you single mother know, your trying! You got this and your doing wonderful, your a strong beautiful woman with a big heart ♥, don’t ever give up.

  • Brandy Yanas

    Hello, my name is Brandy. I am a single mother of three ages 15,12 and 8. Times have been tough this past year and luck hasn’t exactly been on my side. I work 2 jobs and go to school full time. My hours have been cut from my second job and I’m stuck paying back for a class I had to drop due to the fact I was left without a car for a few months. My boys father is deployed till April and it is so hard to find assistance to help with kids. My bills have piled up from paying for car repairs and I am unsure if I will be able to provide a Christmas at all for my kids this year. I’m trying the best I can do to give my kids something but time is passing too fast and I’m afraid I won’t be able to. Thank you all for allowing single mothers the opportunity to give to their children in the most important time of need. God Bless.

  • Shameka pratt

    Hi, my name is Shameka pratt. I am a single mom of 2 beautiful kids. My daughter is 6 and my son is 3. We just recently moved to Dallas to start our lives over from an abusive situation, when we moved here we knew no one so we had to live in a shelter for 4 months. I have worked hard since I’ve been here to be able to take care of my babies and this year will be the first year that I won’t be able to give them the Christmas that they want ! Right now I am financially able to buy them gifts because I’m working a temp job and it barely pays all the bills for the household and make sure we are ok with a roof over our heads. I hope that we can be entered into this give away and that we could possibly get a spot! But I know there are people in this city that may need it more than us so good luck to everyone.
    Thank you

  • Shameka pratt

    Hi, my name is Shameka pratt. I am a single mom of 2 beautiful kids. My daughter is 6 and my son is 3. We just recently moved to Dallas to start our lives over from an abusive situation, when we moved here we knew no one so we had to live in a shelter for 4 months. I have worked hard since I’ve been here to be able to take care of my babies and this year will be the first year that I won’t be able to give them the Christmas that they want ! Right now I am financially unable to buy them gifts because I’m working a temp job and it barely pays all the bills for the household and make sure we are ok with a roof over our heads. I hope that we can be entered into this give away and that we could possibly get a spot! But I know there are people in this city that may need it more than us so good luck to everyone.
    Thank you

  • Joselyn Wilson

    Hello K104, Im writing you for my daughter…She’s a very hard worker she never miss work unless she have to…She has 2 boys ages 9 and 1 with one on the way…Im so proud of her because she don’t go out to clubs and she never buys anything for herself even when she has a chance to splurge…she lives with me and she helps out with bills and makes sure they’re all paid before doing dor herself and her children…We’ve been living in our apartment now for a year (which is a blessing)…but before we got this apartment we live in a motel room for a year and a half with only one king size bed we (myself, my daughter and her son, along with her baby she had upon on us living in the room)…riding the bus to and from work, to and from the store every other day, to the school to pick up my grandson…Im asking for help for her because I really want my grandchildren to have a great Christmas this year because my oldest grandson haven’t seen a good Christmas in about 2 years do to us struggling trying to make it…and this year he want have one either due to us trying to keep our bills paid and food on the table…She works but doesn’t get enough hours to do to much…she’s does everything thing for her children with no help from their fathers!…Please if you see it in your hearts to choose her and her children it would be such a blessing…her email is [email protected] and her phone # is 469-857-9087

  • Dominnique Sch

    Hey k104 and everyone else out there wanted to start by saying happy holidays I also wanted thank you k104 for doing this for all us single moms out there knowing that there is supportive people out there really means a lot my name’s is dominnique I’m 21 years of age and have 3 kids my oldest is zaylen hes 4 years old now and my second son’s is jayden and hes down syndrome but let me tell you he is the sweetest happiest little thing and hes about to be 2 years old my younheat is a baby girl she’s 2 months old her name is katalina.. I have 3 kids who I’m greatly blessed to have in all HONESTY if I won I’d actually like to only spend $250 (Half) so you could bless another hard working single mom out there!!!
    (Lol idk if I can do that but I hope I can.)
    Anything and Everything always helps we all have bills and it’s hard on us all when holidays come around.. so God bless everyone for the holidays and merry Christmas too all!!!
    (41 moms🎄🎁)

  • Euraija

    Hi k104 just want to start by saying happy holidays I am a teen single mom of one happy 3 year old boy this holiday i really need to help him have a good Christmas causes I’m not able to work due to me having poor health.thank you the scurlarks

  • Michelle

    Hey K104…Im a single parent of 6. I just started my job. Im not sure how to sign up for the $500 shopping spree. I’ve clicked where it told me to click but it’s not letting me do anything. If you guys could help me out with where to go to sign up for this it would BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks!

  • Breeze

    I im a mom of seven kids six boy an one girl we would love it if we was picked

  • Rita Choice

    Hey i am a great working hard single mother with 6 children they had a ok Christmas they want to have a excellent christmas this year has 02 jobs and a foster parent. I think i will like to nominate my mom because she is hard working single and still moving around so i would like to point out my mom rita choice.

    Sigined by kenya and charnyce mom rita choice.

  • Chantelle Carrillo

    Hi I’m a single mother at the moment well for the past 14 months & Idk for sure how much longer. My husband is locked up. He signed for 3 yrs. We have 6 children. I work 2 jobs to try & manage. Sometimes I don’t succeed. I take care of all my kids but my step daughter she lives with her mom. But the rest I do. Then to handle the bills & do for my husband as well because his family gave up on him. I struggle to pay everything & worried that this yr I’m unable to get our kids what they want because of staying within my budget for the bills. My kids have been threw a lot in their lives. This year I would like to get them something they really want. Not just things they need. I would very much appreciate the gift card if we won. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Happy Holidays.
    Chantelle C.

  • Melissa Moore

    Hi k104 I’m writing for my grandkids mother Kwantisha Hill,she has 3 kids ages 2,3,7,2boys and 1girl ,she just move to Dallas in August with nothing to start out with I have been helping from day 1,she just started working only with 2 or 3 days working, I see the struggle in her trying to do for her kids,I would like for this CHRISTMAS for her to do her own shopping for herself for her kids to make her feel like she have done her part as a mother,They are staying with me right now,So plz pick her for this GIVE away ,Thank u Melissa Moore

  • Robert Bettina Gobble

    Im a single father to my oldest son he 10 yrs old and his mother not in his life and he had a bad year my mother had passed couple weeks ago and he was really close to her. I dont get child support suppose to but i dont. I kno it for single mothers but im jux trying for my son. Thank u for listening.

  • Amanda Reed

    Good morning I’m a single mother of 5 kids I was in a very bad car wreck and I broke my right leg and left hip I’m not able to work since November of last year. I hv a appointment on the 1st of December so I can have surgery done on my right leg cause the rod has not healed. So my leg is still broke I just want my kids to have a great Christmas this year cause I know I’m unable too do for them. My Christmas gift would be seeing my kids have a smile on there faces for the holiday. Two girl ages 2 and 8 years old and Three boys ages 5 and 7 and 16 years old. Thanks for helping the families during this time.

  • Marissa Rojas

    Hello I’m a mother of two 14 and 11 recently moved into the area to help my ex husband through his divorce/custody battle, from 2 kids I went to 4 overnight and thankful for havin them with me, I would love this shopping spree for my kiddos they have been threw a lot this year and I wish I could without help but unfortunately I can’t since we got our girls back it’s been really rough, I would love to give them a great Xmas so they can forget at least for a moment all the negative

  • Sapphira Grable

    Good morning! I am a mother of three struggling so bad I’ve hit ROCK BOTTOM! We are from Detroit and have been living in a hotel for a year now…I barely make enough money to pay hotel rent, buy groceries, keep gas in the car to make it to work and get kids back and forth from school let alone even think about Christmas! Its bad enough my 4 year old asks for every toy she sees on TV, bit she’s wondering if we will have a Christmas tree period…of course living in a hotel that idea is impossible, but I just want to be able to see their face light up by opening SOMETHING on Christmas… I’m not looking for a hand-out…just a helping hand…PLEASE HELP IN JESUS NAME Thank you!!!!

  • Lisa McKnight Ferra

    Hi k104 I’m a single mom of 4 kids I have two lil boys age 9 and 10 and two lil girls 4 months and a1yr old my boys have gone thur so much in the past 2 years not only did they lose there grandpa to cancer but they lost there grandma a couple months ago due to the same thing and they haven’t had a Christmas in 2 years because we’ve been dealing with this cancer problem for the last two years with their grandpa and grandma and it hurts now I’m really bad to not have her Christmas but they have been so good and they really deserve it this year it would help out so much ever since we lost our grandma we haven’t had a place to stay we’ve been staying from place to place every night my oldest son is on disability and he goes through so much because he’s disabled at school people make fun of him and everything he comes home every day not wanting to go to school and if y’all helped us out this year it would have really showed him that someone cared other than just his mommy and I could just imagine the smile on his face if I got picked please please pick me for all my babies that have a Christmas this year they haven’t had one in 2 years none of my family help me and it would be a blessing from you all and from God my name is Lisa netro 214/434/0100 please help us this year

  • Gretchen DeLeon

    Hello K104 am a single mom of two Boys Angel of 8 & Aaron of 6 been a single mom for 5 year. I would love to have them a good Christmas this year I know it hard being a single parent am always working to pay my bills by my self and with no help sometimes I don’t know how I do it to keep my kids happy around this time but I would love them to have a good Christmas this year.

  • Jamie Ann

    Hey K104…I’m a single mama of 3 girls. Alexis-6, Charleigh-5, Marilyn-3. My older two girls dad passed away. I’m staying with my parents to be able to provide as much as I can for them, money has been a little tight as of late. We do not receive child support for my youngest, although I’m supposed to..I am a server and this time of year is slow. I would love to be able to get them what they want this year rather than just the needs( such as clothes ).
    Thank you so much for the consideration! I can be reached at [email protected]

  • Nakeithia Walker

    Hello 104, my name is nakeithia Walker I’m a single mother of 3. My world changed 3 years ago and it’s been hard where sense. My pride has got in the way, from seeking help. I was recently in a car accident and broke my ankle. Which jobs look jobs me like are you going to be able to perform because I’m still in crutches. I was guy by a drunk driver and I’m stuck with Dr bills I have to pay to see the Ortho. My kids and are in need of a good Christmas through it all my kids have maintain A’s and b’s. We were kicked out and now staying at the budget suite.

  • Alexis Zuniga

    Hey my name is Alexis Zuniga and I’m a mother of 2 beautiful babies. I’ve was once a single mother of 1 but I was blessed with a man willing to pick up the slack. We got married and had a baby of our own. As you can see this post isn’t for me. I’ve seen and still see my sister n law Rosanna Zuniga juggle jobs at a time to put food on the table and clothes on her and her son’s back since before I got married into the family. The most stressful time for her is the holidays, because she wants to give her son what she didn’t have growing up. As a mother we shouldn’t have to beg the father to provide for his kids even if they aren’t living under his roof. It’s still a responsibility as a father to make sure your kids are good. My sister n law has been thru so much year round trying to provide food , light, a food ect. I’m asking for this favor , a blessing for her to catch a break , some relief for the holidays most importantly for her son. Thanks!

  • Jacqueline Sloan

    Hi my name Is Jacqueline Sloan I just moved here from Shreveport Louisiana and I’m a single parent of 2. A beautiful little girl and a handsome boy which have sickle cell that keep me from getting a job. I have always been great when it came down to my kids cause I give them my last. But I made the biggest move ever by stepping out on faith and moving to a new city away from family and friends. Even though I don’t have a job me and my kids will be moving and our new place which is the best early Christmas present for us but my kids wouldn’t understand that cause they are kids and a gift to them are toys and other things and that some stuff I want be able to afford Because I Have to make sure that We have a roof over our head and plus water, light and food. I would feel less then a mother if I couldn’t give them everything they want so I would love to be pick It will help out alot Thank You for reading and if I am pick my email is [email protected] 3184269089

  • Victoria Mandingo

    My name is Victoria Mandingo..I’m this for my daughter. I’ve watched her work endless days and nights and take care of her kids with a smile on her face everyday..I know she’s having it hard but it never stops her from smiling. My daughter Kendra has 2daughters 12 and 3. She’s a EMT for an Ambulance company and drives Uber on her off days and nights..she also goes to school fulltime too become a paramedic. With all that she still is unable to make ends meet with bills..I try to help where I can but I’m retired and on a fixed income. I just hate that she goes out her way to help and save others lives and she can’t fullfill her own. Please help her to help my grandbabies have a good Christmas. My number 469-671-6533 hers 214-854-5683 thank you

  • Luz Guerrero

    My name is Luz Guerrero Iam a single mom to 4 Beautiful kids ages 10,8,5,8months and it’s hard I hope you can help me for this Christmas I didn’t gift my kids last year for Christmas I lost my job and than home so my kids had to stay with their grandma please this will mean so much and to my kids a smile in their face means everything to me my number is 214-809-4972

  • Dorothy Baldwin

    Dear Morning Team,

    I am reaching out to you because of niece. She’s a single mother of three children. She was recently discharged from the army and after being discharged she is now suffering health conditions. She is currently on a heart monitor that she has to wear all the time and unable to work. She is not the type of person that will as for help. I know she has a lot on her plate. I’m just trying to find a way to help her easy some stress this Christmas.


  • Taviaa SittinPretty

    SHAUNTIVIA COIT 4698457630

  • Ashley

    Hi my name is Ashley Atkins I’m a single mother of 2. I have a son who is 6 and just got done with 4 in half years of cancer and a 13 year old day who has been diabetic since she was one. The only thing that would make happy is for my kids to wake up in Christmas with gifts under the tree. So please help me out 🤞🏾💕💕.

  • linda burley

    My names linda im a single mother of two a lil gurl thats 5 and a lil boy thats 2 its been hard on us the past three years not being able to see either one of there fathers my lil girl father is in prison and my lil boys father pasted no he dont not get any money coming in because his father was deseced before he was born there was no blood card are anything to help us get it ive been pushing since then please please help me make my kids have a better christmax 972 896 2452

  • Ruby Galvan

    Hello my name is Ruby Galvan . I mother of 5 kids back in 2016 I lost it all , my family was tore apart my husband was deported . I have been worktwo jobs every since then just to pay my bills and make sure my kids have food . I have 8 years that had two strokes. after the two strokes my son had to much damage in the Brian . He can’t walk nor used his right arm , we have been going to therapy for about 7 years and nothing has change .he has cerebral palsy , I have 3 girls and 2 boys , if I would win I would put a smile on my kids face this year. My good contact number is 469-655-0007 my email address is [email protected]

  • Mamacita Chula

    Im Gilda i have a 5yr old girl name Imani and one on the way i do have a job but i only make enough to pay my rent and i am really blessed for that 913monthly plus electricity my daughter ask for soo much this Christmas and i can’t really afford everything my birthday is also on Christmas and i won’t be able to do anything i love how your station always gives back hopefully we get blessed this Christmas much love

  • Xerinona

    Hello my email is [email protected] I have and 11 yr old daughter and one on the way due to my pregnancy starting off bad with me spotting and unable to do anything I had to take a break from work so I won’t have an miscarriage my body has been through so much and now I’m even more upset because the father don’t wanna be in the picture I’m raising my family by myself and I could really use the help thank u.

  • Victoria Aguilar

    I my name is victoria i been a single parent since my son was born his name is king he will be 2 on Dec 16. I been living pay check to pay check . I have a 240 car note, insurance, 200 daycare n now they took my sons Medicaid n food stamps away i only get 300 a week so know i pay out of pocket for that . I didn’t get to spend my first Christmas or birthday with him for other reason but this year is a blessing so i wanted to give him whatever he want for his birthday n Christmas this year since its actually my first Christmas n birthday i will spend with
    Him. So if God is listening to my prayers i hope yall will bless him with the shopping spree .. [email protected]

  • Victoria Aguilar

    I my name is victoria i been a single parent since my son was born his name is king he will be 2 on Dec 16. I been living pay check to pay check . I have a 240 every 2 weeks car note, insurance, 200 daycare, i pay 250 rent for a room and now they took my sons Medicaid n food stamps away i only get 300 a week so know i pay out of pocket for that . I didn’t get to spend my first Christmas or birthday with him for other reason but this year is a blessing so i wanted to give him whatever he want for his birthday n Christmas this year since its actually my first Christmas n birthday i will spend with
    Him. So if God is listening to my prayers i hope yall will bless him with the shopping spree ..
    Phone 8177245233

  • Lucinda

    Hello Justin and David Godsey just want thank you guys for looking out for us single mothers it means a lot. My name is Lucinda Aleman I am a single mother of 4, ages of 9,4,3,2 I recently lost my job right before the holidays, My kids are asking for toys shoes etc it’s just very hard to tell your kids you don’t have money to get them want they want. I really hope and pray you guys pick us this will mean a lot and my kids can wake up to a beautiful Christmas.
    Phone number is 4698345796 thank you k104!

  • Victoria Aguilar

    my name is victoria i been a single parent since my son was born his name is king he will be 2 on Dec 16. I been living pay check to pay check . I have a 240 every 2 weeks car note, insurance, 200 daycare, i pay 250 rent for a room and now they took my sons Medicaid n food stamps away i only get 300 a week so know i pay out of pocket for that . I didn’t get to spend my first Christmas or birthday with him for other reasons i dont want to speak on but i been 1yr clean so this year is a blessing.
    so i wanted to give him whatever he want for his birthday n Christmas this year since its actually my first Christmas n birthday i will get to spend with Him. So if God is listening to my prayers i hope yall will bless him with the shopping spree ..
    Phone 8177245233

  • Paul

    What all the single dads out there? I’ve been a single dad since Christmas day 2015. Dad’s everywhere struggle to, it ain’t just the men that walk out!

  • Peggie Jordan

    My name is Peggie Jordan I am a single mother who is now raising my granddaughter, her dad is incarcerated, her mom was recently released from jail but still not active. I work hard to keep our bills paid just to make it from payday to payday. Kylie (My granddaughter) was recently diagnosed with separation disorder. Kylie will be 4 in January I am sure all parents believe their kids deserve the world, she has just lost so much already and she isn’t even 4 years old yet, it would be such a blessing if she was chosen, blessings to all & thank you for doing such great things for the community!

  • Cherie Bookman

    My name is Cherie and I’m a single mother of 5boys and 1girl. It’s been hard trying to provide get the things my children need let alone things they want. I really could use help for Christmas just finally see their faces glow on Christmas day. My kids seem to worry more about me and my health more than they and I feel this Christmas should be special for them just once.

  • Tifawn Alexander

    My name is Tifawn Alexander I’m a single mother of 2 but i also take care of my 2 siblings as well things have been really hard latley i lost my apartment due to me not being able to work because i was a high risk pregnancy. My mother is sick and not really able to take care of my brother and sister alone so as her eldest i stepped in my kids are great kids and they deserve a great Christmas it hurts me that i cant give them what they deserve. Me winning this would be a great blessing. Thank you for doing so much for our community.

    Tifawn Alexander

  • Ashley Mattison

    Hello Godsey Martin Team. I first want to thank you for giving me an opportunity to make Christmas possible for my daughter. I live on a very strict budget and living paycheck to paycheck and over drafting my account it’s worked for awhile until my family faced a tragedy. My brother died suddenly 3 days after his birthday. My mom is heartbroken but I made it my mission to help her with his funeral arrangements as he didn’t have insurance. This is going to be a very hard Christmas and it would mean the world if I could do a little something to brighten up these last 4 weeks for my 3 year old.

  • Quintoria Jackson

    Hi My Name Is Quintoria I have two little boys Zayden And Quintin they mean the world to me I really want to give them the best Christmas I recently just got out of a domestic violence relationship with Quintin dad he has not helped me at all since he left. My son Zayden dad’s is incarcerated everything is on me to figure out how my kids Christmas should be I live paycheck to paycheck we live in a boarding home in a small room I just want to brighten up those little faces Christmas morning because they deserve it and seen me go through so much.Thanks for supporting the community. God Bless
    Quintoria 9728655454

  • Carla Waller

    Shout out to Justin and David Godseye for always giving back to the community. I hope I can when this money so I can’t get I’ve my 11 year old a great Christmas, I work for the City but things are tight this year because I had to move unexpectedly. I have a 21 year old I’m putting through college and it’s been hard. My 11 year old is a great kid, he’s lovable and has never given me any trouble. All he ever do is give. He told me not to worry about Christmas this year, he said long as we got each other. That broke my heart. I Do hope y’all can help me make a way out of no way.

  • Carla D Waller

    I forgot to add my email after my shoutout [email protected]

  • Anquishia Green


    My name is Anquishia Green and I have a nine year old son named Chosen. He has always been a blessing to me and his father doesn’t want to be in his life. I always try to work hard and show him that I appreciate him. Unfortunately, I always fall short. I have never really given him the Christmas he deserves. I joined the military when he was an infant and missed majority of his birthdays as well. I didnt want to leave, but I knew it would open doors for us in the future. He doesn’t have any siblings to play with and I am always working to make sure he is able to have a hot meal to eat and clothes on his back, along with lights and everything we need to survive. My email address is [email protected] and my phone number is 682-552-0442.

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