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$500 Shopping Spree


Shouts out to Justin and David Godsey who are always giving back to the community. If you are a single mother, they want to hook you up with a $500 shopping spree. For more details…[Click Here]

44 Responses to “$500 Shopping Spree”

  1. Eartha Washington

    Singer grandmother I am looking for help for Christmas for my grandkids and I also have adopted a little baby girl that’s 2 years old my granddaughter is 13 my grandson is 6 and I am also looking for a good Christmas for them I tried to work but I am having problems with my legs and my foot it is so hard for me to try to do for them Christmas so I am asking for help someone can be child and helping me and my grandkids so that they can have a better Christmas and thank you amen

  2. Brooklyn Beliles

    I am a mama of 2 beautiful kids age 5 turning 6 Christmas eve and 3! This would be amazing!

  3. Mia Walton

    Hello. My name is mia walton and i am a single mother of four chidren 9 months 3 15 and 16 i am not working right now and i am in need for christmas gifts for my children especially for my oldest son who will be 15 in dec 24th and also my 9 month old baby boy needs a new playpen anything will help and i will appreciate any help given thanks again for helping single mothers like us god bless

  4. Faith Wheelis

    Needing it for my four babies! Single momma, and working my butt off to provide for them. Thank you.

  5. Henrika L Wilson

    I am a single mom of two teenagers 16 in 15 I have jobs in live pay check to paycheck sum time we have little food to eat. Rent to high light to high but I make it work out just need help at this time.

  6. Monica Cerrillo

    My sister in law just lost her daughter October 13th in a car wreck, her daughter left behind 5 children whom which my sister in law is now caring for my sister in law is a single grandparent , she is trying to make sure these children have a Christmas but it’s hard right now for her since it’s only been little over month since her daughter went to heaven, and working has been little difficult for her since , please if you can help her out would be a blessing thank you for your time..

  7. Latoya L Brown

    Hello im a single with 4 kids…3 girls and 1 boy…my girls 10, 4, and 1 yrs of age…it would mean alot to me if i win…my son is 3 months and has been in and out of NICU for having seizures…and lately it been hard for me financially with kids because of his condition…i cant work right now because he needs up close attention and my girls and im not able to get child care because he was also born at 34 weeks and he needs time to heal…it will be a blessing if i win…my two oldest know that mom is not working or able to get them Christmas gifts and they try so hard not to get their hopes up by wanting gifts…and my kids can know that there is still hope for Christmas…your blessing will bless them…Thank you

  8. Destiny Clayton

    I’m a single mother of 2! I would love the opportunity to win this for their Christmas clothes and toys!

  9. Michelle johnson

    I been an single mother now for 4 years every since my ex friend left her daughter at my apartment. Since then I haven’t heard from her or her daughter seen her. I am only 25 and my baby girl is 9. She never had a really good Christmas because I can’t afford to give her that while being in college too. I hope that I can be able to provide her a good Christmas this year thank

  10. Keshia Wright

    Hello my name is Kiesha I am a mother of 4. I have a nine-year-old daughter I have a seven-year-old son a five-year-old son and a three-year-old son around this time of the year it is very hard for me because I have no job in the their dads don’t won’t to help for Christmas and my keys be looking Santa every year because they can’t get what want or desire. Every kid deserves to be happy on Christmas the day Jesus was born but each year my kids are not happy I just need some help if you all could help me if I could win this I would probably be the best mom in the world to my kids and he will be all because of you all just helped out something that they’re dad’s wouldn’t do. Each year I have to be bad mom because I can’t get what my kids are asking for. (817)689-0275

  11. Ngo Nebe

    I’m a single mom of two teenagers 15 and 17. Wining this money will be a greatest thing that ever happened to us more especially for Christmas, I remembered last two years and last year my kids have nothing for Christmas because I don’t have money to get them something, I cried about it on Christmas day watching my kids not opening Christmas gift, I remembered my son said to me mom stop crying it will ok one day. I work and go to school so is very hard on me, my paycheck is not enough for our bills, sometimes our electric and cable tv will be cut off. Getting Christmas tree and gift this year for them will make me the happiest mom in the world, that will give them happiness. I will appreciate so much to be among the people to win the money. Number 469 735 8747. May God bless you all for doing this.

  12. alesia calhoun

    Hi my name is Erin and my aunt name is Alesia Calhoun and she is a great aunt for the Last couple of years she has been help me taking care of my kids and she has a Loveing heart she well help in body she has helped a lot of ppl In need . K104 please help my aunt make Christmas it would be a blessing 🙏 ❤️ for here especially for the kids they would really appreciate it. Thank you and may God bless you All are truly a blessing

  13. Daniela Rubio

    Hi my name is Daniela and I have 5 children single mom working 2 jobs 7 days a week nonstop. My kids dad went to jail when I was one month away from giving birth I have been doing it on my own trying to raise my kids I live for them and nothing else I just want to give them a good Christmas this year and for them to enjoy it! They are 8,6,4,2,1 years old i listen to y’all every morning and y’all are so funny! contact me at 9037448423

  14. Ashley

    I am a single mom if 3 kids! I am in need of this because we lost the father of my babies this year and it has been rough! We appreciate you k104!

  15. Shelby shields

    My name is shelby. Im a single mother of 2 my daughter just turned 4 my son is 1 will be 2 in January. At the moment I’m pregnant with my 3rd child which is a girl. Due to being high risk while pregnant im not able to work till after i have the baby which im due in may 2020. Im beyond scared that i won’t be able to give my young children Christmas this year. I have no help from their dad and my grandparents can only do so much for us. This would take a huge burden off my shoulders and be an answered prayer for my little family.

  16. Esther A

    I am a single mother of 3 in need of Christmas gift for my kids because i don’t make enough money to support my kids.I barely pay my bills.A little support will help.It Doesn’t have to be $500 a little money to get my kids gift especially my son made a basketball team in his school,there are stuff he needs for his basketball which i don’t have the money

  17. Nancy Gallardo

    I’m a single mother of a 3 year old girl w a part time job. Any extra money would help with clothes she need and Christmas gifts

  18. Nancy Gallardo

    I’m a single mother of a 3 year old girl with a part time job. Any extra money would help with clothes she needs, and Christmas gifts

  19. Jennifer Black

    I have an 8 year old boy and 4 step kids . the oldest kids mother dropped them off with their daddy 3 years ago and never came back . their daddy and i have tried everything to give them a great christmas the last couple of years . money tight with bills and that many kids . this would make these kids so happy especially this time of year when they dont hear from her at all during holidays. God Bless all of you for wat you are doing weather we get picked or not as long as you have family you blessed. Thank you so much for everything yall do for the community.


    I have four boys ages 10, 9, 7, and 3 years of age. I don’t get child support, been fighting for it for 5 yrs and just gave up. I don’t ask nor get help from relatives. I don’t have a support system and I work 3 jobs just to make ends meet. In the last two months, I have had money stolen and lost so it put a major dent in my kids Christmas and also on Bills. I tried doing this two years in a row and just gave up. But it’s always someone out there in need or worst predicament then I am so I just thank God for my kids being alive and me still being here. Thanks for doing this every year. It really is a blessing

  21. Elaine Brown

    I’m a single mother of two children .This year has been the worst for myself and children .I was victim of domestic violence .I lost everything behind it.i just now getting back to yto my self ..My son witness it all and by him witness him it he stays to himself .I just wanted to show him and thank him for being my hero and never given up on his mother .This year Christmas is up in the air cause bills have to come first for us ..and making sure we don’t have a set back ever again.. He just want some Xbox games and iPhone ear will truly be a blessing to see him smile again and if just for that Xmas morning…Thanks again

  22. Melissa Soler

    I’m a single mother of 3 kids 6,5,3 year old . I will really love to win 500$ to give my kids the best Christmas ever. Being a single mom & raising 3 kids it’s not an easy job specially around this time of year . I will appreciate it form the bottom of my heart .
    My kids will to .
    I just wanna buy my kids good toys & clothes just how they deserve in the 6 yrs I’ve been a mom I don’t think I’ve ever. Been able to give my kids a good well deserved Christmas gift .

  23. Tiffany T Donnell

    I really need the help this year I got kick out my apartment trying to help others out in my family now I found somewhere else for me in my four kids,I have a job but I’m working to pay for the roof over our heads,only have money for rent ,if I dont get no help my kids will not see no gifts dis year because I’m trying to get back on my feet please help me out for my four kids

  24. Tiffany T Donnell

    I really need the help this year I got kick out my apartment trying to help others out in my family now I found somewhere else for me in my four kids,I have a job but I’m working to pay for the roof over our heads,only have money for rent ,if I dont get no help my kids will not see no gifts dis year because I’m trying to get back on my feet please help me out for my four kids ,help me put a smile on there faces….

  25. Lydia Ballard

    I am a single mother of 3 children 17 10 and 7 it has been hard for us this year i lost my job because i had to leave my job to take care of my grandmother permanently she got very sick due to her Diabetes and early Alzheimer’s and ended up in the hospital multiple times this year from strokes. We have not had no Thanksgiving this year and now my kids are not going to have a Christmas my oldest son is ROTC training for the Airforce and i have not even been able to allow him to go on any of there trips or get his uniforms clean because i have no money to pay for it. My 10 yr old daughter wants to play an instrument this year and i couldn’t afford it so she could not join. My kids go to school with wholes in there clothes because i have no money to replace them i just try to sew them together which never works. I am begging that you find it in your heart to help me because we truly need it.

  26. Jessica Flores

    I’m a single mother with five children. I’m going through a really hard time at the moment. I’m struggling to make ends meet some times. For my children to make them happy if I win this $500 they would be so excited and thankful and blessed anything would help…. thank you and have a nice wonderful day

  27. Tiana

    Sometimes I have to struggle with getting food and one night they couldn’t eat cause I didn’t have any money and they was starving to death 💀 I didn’t know what to do until I got in my car and put on k104 it said online shopping $500

  28. shadara sally

    I feel like this shopping spree would not only help my mother but bring joy to her Mother’s Day my mom is a single mother of 2, me and my brother would like to make this Mother’s Day not only special but a day not to forget my mom is my super hero she has always made a way out of no way she loves us and she cares for us and she never shows when she is sad or angry she is a hard worker but unfortunately this pandemic has took a toll on us she can’t go back to work and now she is forced to stay home with us she try’s to keep us happy even though we are barley getting by she keeps us happy

  29. Zyahquira

    Hello I am doing this for my mother. My mother is a single mom of 2 and she has been working hard all of our lives trying to give us the world and support us and I just want to appreciate her for that and hope that this could be a gift to her for all of the hard work she has done.

  30. Reagan Brown

    Recently divorced single mother that just moved back into the country. Really struggling with providing for the 4 kids and my mom would greatly appreciate the help.

  31. Ana

    Single mother of 5 kids working part time job really need the help. Behind on my rent and bills my kids hardly have any clothes or shoes. I really don’t know what to do I would really appreciate it if I win it would really help
    Me and my kids.

  32. Antro5

    Single mother of 5 girls and two grandkids not able to buy anything for me r kids barely paying my carnote car got repoed already ..trynna get me n kids an apartment ..r duplex we kinda homeless rig by now

  33. Trynisha Huey

    I’m a single mother of 6 I’ve had it hard this is Coronavirus has been going on and it’s nothing hard for me to feed my kids anything for real with their dad passing away from Catching the coronavirus is going to be as bad as I do everything for my kids I love my kids so much I hope yo it’s me The Wiz so I can really just do something about your kids

  34. Tre Brown

    My mom is a hard working mother and make sure I’m happy I am the only child 12 years old she love me as much as I love her and puts food on my plate but she getting married but because of covid 19 she cant have the wedding she would be very happy if you guy would give her the 500 dollars. Thank you

  35. Israel Cannalte

    Need some help. Single father of three kids… Daughter 13 olders, my son 12, another son 10. I’m on disability. Is very hard with everything going on….help

  36. Cherrie Hinton

    I’m a single mom of 2 I lost my job an been going though some ruff times my dad just passed away my kids father in jail been locked up for a couple years now I was Arrested recently cause I did have money or food to feed my kids I went in Walmart an checkout a couple things without paying for them now I been going back an fourth to court now an im behind on my bills an I was thinking about giving up on life Thanksgivings coming up an I don’t know what we going to do hopefully I find work soon but with this stuff on my background it’s hard for me I need a blessing an prayer for me an my babies

  37. Kenneth Banks II

    I am a father with 6 children my wife is pregnant with our 7th child my hours were cut due to covid i currently get 20 hours every two weeks we are scheduled to move the day after christmas which is where all of our children’s Christmas presents are going my youngest daughter has a heart murmur and a blood disease which we found out today 12-17-2020 my mother cant help me cause she is currently battling for her life in the hospital with a stomach bacterial infection my wife is pregnant and expected to deliver late january with her having difficult pregnancies she’s basically on bed rest the 2nd and 3rd trimesters which means she cant work right now me being the only one working and barely working i have struggled to keep us afloat as a man with a family my biggest fear is failing my family and im on the verge can you please help me

  38. Ashlee

    I am a single mother of 4 live in a shelter have no job because of covid I only have 2 weeks left in the shelter have no way to get a apartment or anything for them it’s a long shot but here i am asking for help thanks


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