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Increase In HIV Rates in Dallas


Chris howell of “Know Your Status Dallas,” stopped by DeDe in the Morning to spread awareness about HIV. Did you know 46% of African Americans in Dallas are affected? [Listen Below]

  • Cheree

    Ummm. I think you need to fix the headline on this story. It is grossly incorrect and offensive.
    “Did you know 46% of African Americans in Dallas are affected?”
    That wasn’t the statistic Chris Howell gave. He said 46% of the people who tested positive for HIV in Dallas in 2016 were African American. There were less than 1,000 people who tested positive in Dallas in 2016. So, that’s only about 460 African Americans.
    That’s a lot different than “46% of African Americans in Dallas.”
    Love that you did this segment and are raising awareness but let’s be careful not to spread bad information. 🙂

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