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Conspiracy Theories


So DeDe in the Morning believes in aliens. What crazy conspiracy theories do you believe in? [Listen Below]

One Response to “Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Ŧrentston Simon

    So I listened to the show this morning and I heard this segment. I must say that I am in strong agreement with DeDe. I don’t however, appreciate White Gary and Lady Jade’s comments about ‘feeling and being the sane ones’ or calling DeDe insane. DeDe is the only one that is actually thinking logically. While White Gary and Lady Jade are just two of the endless non-intellectual, closed minded dumbasses this world is plagued with.

    Obviously they’ve heard NOTHING on the numerous facts about the pyramid that make its construction by human hands impossible. When Lady Jade said, “so Jesus and the 12 disciples didn’t exist either”? I shouted NO!. NO THEY DIDN’T! Did you know that Christianity is an astrological and theological rip-off of the Egyptian Gods? There are dozens of texts that mirror if not match those of the Jesus fable. A simple Google search will show you a dozen with the same story that PRE-DATE Christianity. Speaking of predating Christianity, dinosaurs. That alone should be the end of every religious debate, ::sigh:: moving on. Of course I’d never expect an airhead like Lady Jade or a buffoon like White Gary to attempt to learn something outside of their preconceived notions of the world that were given to them.

    Speaking of given to them, how do you think Christianity came about in the black community? If our ancestors were never kidnapped, and brought to this place, blacks would know nothing of Christianity (until it came to them in Africa, along with all the other great things Europeans brought to Africa). And the aliens. What is more likely? That this ever expanding universe to large for our feeble human minds to fathom is teeming with life, or that we, humanity, are the only intelligent (or anything) beings in it? And God made all of the cosmos simply for our wonder and enjoyment. To hold religious views such as Christianity is to be an arrogant, self centered, human. It would take 100,000 years travelling at the speed of light to cross from one side of the Milky Way Galaxy to the other. This is just OUR GALAXY!. On top of billions and billions and billions of galaxies. In a universe we know is at least 14 billions years old. The Earth is 4.5-6 billion years old. How in the hell can you say that anything on this floating spec around an obscure star is divine.

    Speaking of divine, have you noticed the state of our planet, and the peril it constantly seems to be in? If their is a God, he is either incompetent, or doesn’t give a shit. Also, have you ever thought about why this ‘God’ is a he? Wouldn’t an omniscient, ever-caring, eternal entity be above search Earthy concepts as gender? If ‘God’ is a male, what does he use his penis for? To pee and have sex with lady Gods? So when I hear someone like DeDe say “I believe in aliens” etc., and then y’all clown on her and shit, Y’ALL are the insane ones. Living a life believing some sky daddy controls all and has a plan for you and just you. And anyone who doesn’t believe in him will face an eternity of damnation. All of the religions people have been devoted to over the course of humanity and YOURS, is the correct one. If it was up to the Church, the Sun and ‘heavens’ would still orbit the Earth. Schizophrenic people would still be thought to be possessed by demons and have their skulls drilled open to let the devils out. Religion in this modern age can only live in the gaps. As science renders once religious view untenable (it never seems to go the other way), religion continues to find ways to distort and contort the truth and reality so it can still have a place amongst us. I could go on all day…but Lady Jade is a idiot. I don’t care how pretty she is. And White Gary is just another non-thinking, anti-intellectualism, sheeple.


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