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$1000 Winner


O.M.G! DeDe in the Morning just gave away another rack! Could you have answered all the questions playing the “$1000 Minute Game?” [Listen Below]

  • Alisha Smith

    Hello Good Morning lady DeDe.

    • Alisha Smith

      I want too try too winning your 1,000 cash out.

  • Dawn

    Welcoming rises just moved from califorina to get a second opinion in regards to my son’s heart failure I will most definitely love and graciously appreciated to enter or win or anything of that nature

  • Dawn Greene

    Hello my name is Dawn and I am a single from California in Search and Hope for a miracle upon a second opinion in regards to my son’s heart he is 8 years old and is at a high risk for cardiac arrest and I just wasn’t satisfied with California and their medical practice and was highly recommended to come to Texas although I’ve been out here since October 2016 less than 45 days I’ve sacrificed a lot in regards to following and keeping faith in regards to treatment to help my son’s enlarged heart anything at the moment will be grateful upon winning a chance upon anything in regards to his medical health winning a prize will be most suitable in regards to helping with the holidays although my son still believes in Santa it’s hard keeping the imagination I found a difficult situation I greatly appreciate it

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