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We all need a little help around the holidays that’s why Amy from 1-800-TRUCK-WRECK is hooking up our lucky listeners with some extra Christmas cash! You have to hear how happy this listener was…
Only with DeDe in the Morning!

5 Responses to “1-800-TRUCK-WRECK CHRISTMAS CASH”

  1. Lakesha glosson

    Hello I’m Lakesha I’m a single parent living on my own with 2 children and really need the money today is December 10th and I still have no gifts for my kids.This is the first year I have been so worried.I literally have 18 dollars to my name after paying all my bills to keep a roof over me and my children head.The tree has not been put up yet I don’t even want to remind them of Christmas until I know I’m able to give them what they deserve.i have a 3 and a 4 year old this money would be very helpful and a big blessing for my babies.

  2. Marie Lynn

    Hello good morning I’m a single mom of two boys I sacrificed to move my kids and I out here to Dallas from Rochester NY, to try get my 13yr old a good scholarship for football we’ve been here going on 4 months it’s been a struggle but with God all things are possible I believe, please if you guys can please support me with helping out with putting a great smile on my two boys face for Christmas I will really appreciate that please 😊

  3. Kimberly

    Hey how are y’all doing??? I’m a single momma of an 11 year old struggling we lost our house I totalled my car while having a siezure. Times are tought I just want to bless her she has had to stop being a child and I just want her to enjoy a holiday and not be worried and feel safe. Thank you for y’all time.


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