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New Jay z and Timbaland “Bounce” makes you Bounce!



Timbaland is touring with Jay-Z over seas and i’m sure he will be in Dallas in December with him. Timbaland and Jay premiered a new song they did for Timbaland next album “Textbook Tim” and its called “Bounce” it also features Meek Mill I think.

Peep the video from Jay Z and Timbaland  clubbing it up over seas with people “Bouncing” to the new track.

  • Dizzy Wright

    We are expecting all ya in ‘WEST-COAST’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ekward

    Beyonce should have been reached out to her brother… I mean she is a god fearing women right??? that’s family and she gives back so she should reach out to her brother 4years old wow….

  • renae

    Beyonce should’ve. Alteady known about her brother and the fact she’s. Rich….she’s a selfish bitch for not helping her mother out aswell as her little brother….beyonce knowles is not that busy to where she has to spend all her time in the studio..she clearly doesnt give a fuck…and only wants to make jee money..and be with her lien ass cheating ass ugly ass husband jay z whoch only cares about his money being made aswell
    While she’s on her videos trying to be the prettiest. Bitch in the world..she should fall back on her career for a few minutes and stop trying to worry about her needs and put her own family needs first
    Im just saying….an solange knowles…what about her ? Nothing i suppose huh ?
    Solange doeznt have the spot light like her sister….thats amazing
    But all i can say is the knowles family…is FUCKED UP….enough said