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LA Clippers owner against minorities at his games!?!



This dude is gotta be the dumbest professional sports team owner. The LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was exposed earlier today by TMZ in a recorded conversation with his “Black and Mexican” mistress , stating that he doesn’t want Magic Johnson or “Black” people to attend LA Clipper games. This all stems from her posting a picture on her Instagram with Magic Johnson.  Can somebody remind him that nearly his whole roster is of Black ethnicity and last summer he hired a Black coach in Doc Rivers? What a goofball. So old, so rich and so confused. In my Kanye West voice “Racism still alive they just be concealing it”.

  • Amy

    Its amazing in 2014 that there is such ignorance and stupidity in this world…We all bleed “red blood” when we hurt ourselves…As a white person, im disgusted that people are racist in the 20th century…I wasn’t raised that way…Then who does he plan on buying tickets to the games…and wearing his teams gear…He is just a old man who is jealous that his mistress took a picture with “Magic Johnson”…