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YG Donates $150,000 to the G-Code

Photo Credit: Instagram ⚠️YG Donates $150,000 ⚠️YG, Travis Scott and Mac Miller Drops New Music ⚠️Nicki Minaj and Drake In The Studio ⚠️Rae Sremmurd has a new Reebok Deal @catdaddy104 has the #nightlifenews A post shared by K104 (@k104fm) on Aug 2, 2018 at 8:25pm PDT

DJ KHALED proposes to NICKI MINAJ ?!?!

ready to laugh.. watch DJ KHALED propose to NICKI MINAJ he says she needs a man like him and he meant to ask her back at the take it to the head video.. he even drops the slow jams in the background to set the mood.. playa LOL..