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Cat Daddy’s Bio


Whaaaaa!! You can smell the flava through the radio, its Cat Daddy from K104FM. Working in the drive thru at Mcdonalds at the age of 17, Cat Daddy was discovered by a program director and given a shot on the airwaves. As a student at Baton Rouge Magnet High Cat daddy had the opportunity to run “classic soul” music on KBRH as an elective.

Takin’ up records from Sam Cook, Al Green, and The Supremes gave Cat Daddy the necessary game to graduate onto the all new Max94.1. Cat Daddy spiced up the late-nite in Baton Rouge, playing hip-hop on WEMX, and grew a habit of splashing hot sauce on the radio like holy water.

Cat Daddy got radio fever and it caught fire at K104 in Dallas/Ft.Worth back in 2001 and the speakers are still on blaze. On-air, online, and in your face, Cat daddy visits schools, kid camps, neighborhoods, and niteclubs. Cat daddy preaches to the listeners “Dont see the show, be the show”. Tune in at nite from 7-12am and bump the latest hip-hop & RnB, call and request your favorite song, and win your way in to the hottest concerts and parties.