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Usher Continues Recording Eighth Album, Talks Reconnecting Musically & Collaborations


Image Courtesy RCA Records

Although his eighth album no longer has a scheduled release date, Usher has a good idea of what he’s aiming to give fans with the project. In an interview with XXL, the singer revealed the overall direction of the album, which he says will “represent something different.”

“I want to make sure that everybody gets a little bit of what they love that is Usher. I didn’t necessarily want to go towards one style or anything like that because everybody loves something different,” he says.

As for the topics he will touch on, Usher has noticed themes of “reconnecting with life.” He says, “I felt like with the last three or four albums, in being experimental, I disconnected in a way. Not disconnected from a certain audience but I kind of disconnected emotionally in a way.” The singer adds that this project has made him rediscover a part of himself that he hasn’t “felt in awhile.”

After recording 50 songs so far, Usher then recalled collaborating with Drake after shooting the video for the Nicki Minaj-assisted single, “She Came to Give It to You.”

“I had [Drake] listen to some of the songs that I thought were definite. I let him listen to three songs and he identified — well, actually he asked me to send him all the records,” Usher recalls. “I said, ‘Which one do you love?’ and I sent him this record called ‘Slow Motion.’ What he’s touching on in the song is kind of personal. It’s always great for an artist to use where they are at the time as inspiration. That song is a relationship song.”

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