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Tyga Denies Owing $90K in Back Rent


Universal Music Group/Pamela LittkyTyga is calling a published story that he owes nearly $90,000 in back-rent “fabricated.”

TMZ reported that a landlord got a judgement against the rapper for the disputed sum back in 2010, but recently filed additional legal papers seeking to collect the money he claims is still due from the rental in Calabasas, California.

But the rapper is accusing TMZ of practicing what he calls “not real journalism.” “Stop w all these fabricated @tmz stories. People believe anything they say like real news your not @cnn its not real journalism,” he tweeted. “If I ever did owe $ to a house I lived in 6 years ago, why sue me 6yrs later.smh.lies. People will sue u for anything when u get famous.”

Tyga adds, “Stop being lazy get up off ya ass and go make ya own. All these freeloaders w they hands out. F**k outta here.”

The rapper even suggests a reason why gossip sites write salacious stories. “[AT] the End of the day all these sites get paid every time u click. It’s all ad revenue. They’ll put anything in a headline to get that click.”

According to TMZ, the dispute over the rent is the reason why he was served legal papers at his L.A. Gear sneaker launch even last month.

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