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Tweet Returns with Charlene, Says Missy Elliott Approves of Her Long-Awaited Project


ABC RadioLast week saw the release of Tweet‘s latest album, Charlene, her first studio album since 2005’s It’s Me Again. The singer tells ABC Radio that she couldn’t be happier with the overall response her project has received from her loyal fans.

“People are really, really enjoying it and I’m just in awe,” Tweet reveals. “I’m glad that people can enjoy music finally. It’s been therapeutic for me, so to be able to hear that it’s already helping people is all worth it for me.”

The singer also revealed that her frequent collaborator Missy Elliott, who also appears on her album, approved of the set. “‘Oh my God, this is so hot,'” Tweet recalls of Missy’s reactions. “I remember even being in a panic mode and I called her like, ‘I’m like having a panic attack because I don’t know what they’re going to say,’ and she was like, ‘Girl, you just Tweet and we love you for who you are and you haven’t changed so people are going to appreciate that.’ So she’s always given me that, and yeah she loves the album. Ginuwine has showed his love and just my family has been so supportive. It keeps a smile on my face.”

Timbaland also produced a track on the album, which Tweet says was an absolute must. “He’s the one that came with that fire for ‘Somebody Else Will,’ and I know I couldn’t have done or released a record without either one of them on the record because the world would have been mad at me,” the singer says. ” And I would have been mad at myself. And I’m just so grateful that they looked out for me on that song.”

Although its been a while since she’s given fans a full-length album, Tweet is confident that her sound is much needed in today’s musical landscape. “It’s changed so much and I think because of God’s timing and people being thirsty for soul music, or music that is relateable or it makes them feel a certain way,” she says. “I just think it’s that time, so me fitting in is because of God’s timing and because it’s the right time for it.” 

Charlene is available now. The set also features production from Charlie Bereal, Craig Brockman, John “Jubu” Smith and Nisan Stewart.

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