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Trey Songz Steals Another Celebrity’s Girlfriend Again


Trey Songz is at it again. Via MTO:

December 16, 2014: Drake was EXPOSED last week, first for f*cking Chris Brown’s GF Karruehe . . . then for trying to HIT ON Diddy’s girlfriend Cassie WHILE DIDDY WAS IN THE CLUB. But if you thought that DRAKE was the dirtiest STEAL-Yo-CHICK artist in the business . . . he ain’t got NOTHING on Trey Songz.

Trey Songz was allegedly the side d*ck involved in the murder-suicide of Earl Hayes and Stephanie Moseley. NFL baller Jovan Belcher also killed his fiance after accusing her of having RELATIONS with Mr STEAL YO GIRL. uncovered evidence that Trey also ALLEGEDLY started SLEEPING with boxing legend Shane Moseley’s GF Bella Gonzalez. When rumors of the affair reached Shane, Shane sent an email to Bella asking her to talk.

Bella allegedly sent Shane the below email – a pic of her hugging Trey – and putting up MIDDLE FINGERS AT SHANE. WOW!!!

Shane has since broken things off with Bella and is working at trying to get back with his ex-wife Jin. The pair are shooting a new show on BRAVO (the GREATEST network in the world #SMOOCHES#) about trying to work back into their marriage.

Oh. . . and the next time he sees Trey, Shane’s gonne COME OUT OF RETIREMENT AND GO TWELVE ROUNDS!!!


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