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Trey Songz Explains Why “Na Na” Feels Nostalgic


Jimmy Fontaine/Atlantic Records

Trey Songz is riding high with his latest DJ Mustard-produced banger “Na Na,” which serves as the lead single from his sixth album, Trigga, arriving next month. The singer reveals that the hook reminds him of the FugeesThe Score song “Fu-Gee-La,” which sampled Tina Marie‘s “Oh La La,” which “Na Na” also refers to.

Trey tells ABC News Radio that The Score was “actually was the first CD I ever bought. I didn’t think about that when I did the song, but it kind of came full circle when it became my first single,” he says. “It’s kind of nostalgic for me.”

The singer also explains how the club anthem came together. “Well, [DJ] Mustard had the beat, it was actually the first day we met. We had been working together for some time like via email, text, I would write to his tracks and he’d send me tracks,” Trey tells ABC News Radio. “The day that he came over, he actually brought probably about five tracks and I think ‘Na Na’ was like the third one he played.

Trey recalls listening to the tracks with Sam Hook, who cowrote half his upcoming album.  “We were vibing to it, like [DJ Mustard] would play them and then if we didn’t say stop, he’d keep going…and then he played ‘Na Na’ and the beat came on [singing] doom doom boom doom doom boom…and we were like, ‘Whoa, that’s kind of crazy.'”

The singer continues, “So we start vibing to it and [DJ Mustard] skips it and so we’re like, ‘No, no, no! We don’t want to hear nothing else.'”

Trey adds that the record was actually written en route to a Jay Z concert. “We actually were all running late to the concert, so we wrote the song really quick and it was just very easy, the words came easily, the melody came easily,” he says. 

Fans can expect Trigga to hit stores on July 1.

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