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Travis Scott Apologizes for Gay Slur: We All Ain’t Perfect


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Travis Scott has issued an apology to the gay community for making a series of offensive remarks during a concert in Houston, Texas back in March. TMZ posted video footage of Scott calling a group of audience members “a bunch of queers” and “f*****s” for not showing him love during his performance.

After the video surfaced online, the rapper took to his Twitter over the Labor Day holiday weekend to apologize for his comments.

“At my shows I get a lil turnt up. Sorry for that but never will I ever disrespect that community,” Travis wrote. “My apologies to anyone that’s offended. My words weren’t out of bad meaning and in no disrespect… When I get excited I tend to say the first thing on my mind out loud… I’ve been working on that as a person takes time but we all ain’t perfect.”

In other news, the rapper has released his debut album, Rodeo. Travis, who co-wrote Rihanna‘s track “B**** Better Have My Money,” got support from the singer, who posted an Instagram picture of herself with copies of the project.

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