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Tiny Planned on Signing Bobbi Kristina as an Artist



As the world continues to mourn over the untimely passing of 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown, we are learning new details about her singing aspirations. While promoting her VH1 reality show, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle tells ABC Radio that she actually planned on signing the young talent prior to her unfortunate demise.

“I was interested in signing her and, you know, making her an artist, I had heard something that she had did on some video and she was singing and I was like, ‘Yo! Find me Bobbi Kristina!'” Tiny recalls. She adds that they spoke about “getting together,” but the timing was never right.  “It was just that our schedules were not letting us — I was out of town with Tip all the time and she was in Atlanta a lot, she was shooting her show  —  but we were planning on working together and making some music,” Tiny adds.

“I just felt like she was talented and maybe the world needed to see that, but yup it didn’t happen and I’m just really sad that we didn’t get to do anything,” she says.

While she’s saddened by the news, Tiny says she’s impressed with Bobby Brown for doing everything possible to keep his daughter alive: “I’m just so proud of Bobby for holding on so long, you know, because he was really keeping her alive, because that’s what a daddy is supposed to do.” 

A source confirmed to ABC News that Bobbi will be laid to rest this Saturday, August 1, at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. The burial will be in Westfield, New Jersey at the Fairview Cemetery on Monday August 3 — the same location where her late mother Whitney Houston is buried.

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