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Tina + Tunechi Forever: Christina Milan Says Lil Wayne Is The ‘Best Friend She Needed’


Christina Milian is apparently so happy with Lil Wayne that she just can’t stop gushing about him. Unfortunately for her The New York Daily News recently caught her casually chitchatting about her tatted up baby making boo thang and wrote a story about it. .

The New York Daily News’ Confidential reports:

Kicking off the Café Bustelo popup cafe in Hollywood, Christina Milian said she’s still seeing Lil Wayne despite rumors that their relationship is staged. The “Dip It Low” singer was heard saying she’s very happy dating the heavily tattooed rapper, and he’s “like the best friend she has needed and not had in years.”

She also was overhead speaking on rumors that they’re getting married.

But don’t expect to hear wedding bells anytime soon: Milian is not looking to rush into an engagement.


Guess she’ll keep rocking her Tina & Tunechi necklace until she gets that ring.

What do YOU think about Christina Milian’s recent love fest for Weezy????

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