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Tank Gives Advice to Chris Brown, Says Experience Is the “Best Teacher


Atlantic Records;RCA RecordsEarlier in the week, Chris Brown was released from jail in Los Angeles, less than a month after he was sentenced to complete a further 131 days for violating his probation. Brown’s R&B friend Tank recently tweeted that he’s happy the young singer is finally home.

“My lil bro @chrisbrown is in good spirits and we still ain’t got nothing but unconditional love [for] him!.. God is good,” he tweeted on Thursday.

Prior to Brown regaining his freedom, ABC News Radio caught up with Tank to get his thoughts on the singer’s habitual legal issues. The crooner simply said that Brown and other young artists sometimes have to learn from the experience of their own mistakes  in order for you to mature.

“In some instances, experience is going to have to be the best teacher for a lot of these young cats. They’re going to have to do their time, no pun intended, as far as CB is concerned,” he tells ABC News Radio. “They’re going to have to do their time in life and go through the things that are necessary for them to go through to become the people and the artists that they are to become.”

He also encouraged Breezy to remain optimistic. “Life is unavoidable, whatever God has for you, it is for you. You’re going to have to find your way through it and to it, one way or another. And so, I just encourage him to hold on,” he says. “Whatever it is that you’re going through, you’re supposed to be going through that. It’s to the benefit of you, it’s something in there that you are supposed to take out of that, to help build you up and make you stronger.” 

As previously reported, Brown is on probation for assaulting his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, in 2009.  He still faces trial in Washington, D.C. for allegedly attacking a man outside of a hotel in that city last October. If he’s found guilty, he faces a maximum of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

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