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Tamar Braxton Sings About Marriage on ‘Love and War’


Since releasing her self-titled debut album in 2000, Tamar Braxton has been dreaming of a comeback.  Now she’s finally getting one: her new album Love and War — her first release in 13 years — is in stores today. And the younger sister of R&B singer Toni Braxton is happy about that.

“It feels amazing. I feel so accomplished,” Tamar tells ABC News Radio Tuesday. “Only because I set a goal and I wasn’t willing to stop until I got to this point, so I feel amazing.”  What doesn’t feel amazing, though, is the fact that Tamar just burst two blood vessels in her vocal cords this week…but she’s rolling with it.

Tamar reveals the album is really an ode to her marriage to Vincent Herbert, who also serves as her manager. Tamar says she hopes fans will realize after listening that “I’m a real person, meaning a woman. And I go through the same things all women go through and my relationship is no different than yours. I just decided to sing and write about it.”

So what’s her favorite on the 14-track project? “The one that speaks to me most often is ‘White Candle.’ And that is because ‘White Candle’ is about not letting your relationship die,” Tamar reveals. “Don’t let it get too far gone. Don’t let the problems get too far gone before you work them out.”

And her fans — or Tamartians as she calls them — probably won’t be surprised that Tamar included a gospel song on her R&B LP.

“Gospel is my roots,” the 36-year-old mother of one says. “And honestly, I never thought I’d have this situation ever, ever again. And I just really felt the need to say, ‘Thank you Lord.’  Because…you want your blessing, and some people don’t live to see it, but I got a chance to and I just wanted to say thank you.”

Tamar says that after releasing “All the Way Home” in late August, fans should expect “Hot Sugar” as her next single. She’s already released a snippet of the video on her Instagram page.

“It’s an epic situation,” Tamar says of the video, “and I’m just really happy about all the different looks. It’s something very different from [the Tamar that you know].”

The Tamar & Vince reality star, whose second season debuts Thursday, is also set to go on tour with John Legend in October.

“I was asked to do this tour before my album even came out. And so for me, it was so humbling and such a wonderful experience because I just couldn’t believe someone believed in me that much,” Tamar gushes. “And I just really, really appreciate him for that.”

Love and War is on shelves and available via iTunes now.

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