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RIP, Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior looked like he was on the verge of a medical catastrophe all weekend — sweaty and stressed, like he was about to “burst at the seams” … eyewitnesses tell TMZ. According to sources who were with Warrior this past weekend, the WWE legend looked like he was in constant pain … sweaty and… Read more »

Video: Wale Confronts Fan At WWE Raw

It wasn’t the full-blown brawl that the Twitterverse would have you believe, but Maybach Music rapper, and perpetual social media punching bag, Wale did in fact confront a “fan” last night in the crowd at WWE Raw. Said fan admitted to be just “trolling” the “Bad” rapper, but the jest wasn’t taken lightly and a… Read more »

Columbus Short Involved In A Real-Life Scandal!

Scandal star Columbus Short was the cause of a bloody bar fight at an engagement party in West Hollywood.  Short attacked a man after he made a derogatory comment about his wife, the 37 year old man was knocked to the ground by Short and he continued to beat him until he “looked dead”.  Police… Read more »

Love and Hip-Hop: Draya Swings on Sundy!

Love and Hip-Hop turned into the WWE last night after Sundy called Draya’s son a “pansy”.  Draya hit Sundy with a two-piece leaving her eye bulging!  Witnesses on the set said that Draya was got in 3 to 4 licks before security broke it up, Draya had no injuries. We think that this isn’t over…..