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Deez Nuts Runs For President

There is another candidate that is in the running for President of the United States and it’s actually not a person!! Click the play button to see who or WHAT may be on the ballot in 2016…


Dallas’ Premier Rap Group Takes The Cake

It was early April when I learned that DSR was getting back together, I was excited about the possibilities as well as the new music coming from the camp. George Lopez, DSR’s Founder called me saying “They’re Back!!” and with that I received the first single “Count This Cake” which is a gritty street song… Read more »


Beyonce Behind The Scenes: Vogue

If you know anything about fashion, you know that Vogue is the bible for any fashionista, and the September issue is the hottest issue of the year, it’s the issue that everyone can’t wait to get in order to see what fall fashion is going to look like. The cover is a very prestigious honor… Read more »