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DeDe In The Morning $1000 Dollar Minute Game!

With less then 10 seconds on the clock and two questions left to correctly answer, could you get them right if they were worth One thousand Dollars? You have to hear how lucky this listener got! Everyday you have two chances to win $1000 all you have to do is call DeDe in the Morning… Read more »

DeDe’s D-Cypher

How well do you know your music? Play DeDe’s D-Cypher and test your knowledge! The team takes lyrics from your favorite songs and change them into corporate lingo. Can you D-Cypher the lyrics?  

DeDe In The Morning’s Mind Bender

DeDe in the Morning wants to wake your brains up with a lil Mind Bender! 60% of women are willing to kiss a guy on the first date if he does this… 70% of people say this is their holiday pet peeve… If you think you know the answers play along with DeDe In the… Read more »

DeDe’s De”Cypher”

DeDe in the Morning and the team love to play games, especially brain games! That’s why DeDe wants you to decipher the lyrics to songs that they changed from slang into cooperate terminology. Check out DeDe’s De”Cypher” [Click, Listen and Laugh]