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How Did You Get Through Your Relationship Scandal?

After Justin Timberlake was seen being inappropriate he had to make a statement about it and apologize to his wife, but DeDe in the Morning wants to know how do you make it through these type of situations? If your significant other cheated or did something that really hurt the trust of the relationship, how… Read more »

Jerry Jones Scandalous Pics Surface?

Just a few days away from the Cowboys preseason opener against the Chargers, scandalous pics of owner Jerry Jones have hit the interwebs. Not a great start to the season. Click HERE to see the pics.

Columbus Short Involved In A Real-Life Scandal!

Scandal star Columbus Short was the cause of a bloody bar fight at an engagement party in West Hollywood.  Short attacked a man after he made a derogatory comment about his wife, the 37 year old man was knocked to the ground by Short and he continued to beat him until he “looked dead”.  Police… Read more »