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Is Rihanna Posing For Playboy? is reporting that Rihanna has posed nude for Playboy Magazine. The singer was spotted on April 8 in Hollywood posing with a short crop-top tee and nothing else. She wasn’t even wearing underwear for the photo shoot, captured by TMZ. However, while they reported the shoot was for a French magazine, that may not be the… Read more »


What’s Poppin’ w/ Big Sean calling his engagement off with Naya?

Big Sean calls things off with Naya..U won’t believe the reason why though?!..Plus, She is accusing him of doing a lot of unbelievable things..Check out what’s poppin’ below by clicking play!..Also, Drake and Rihanna make their relationship more offical..Check out the photos below to see how they were all over each other at the Clippers… Read more »


What’s poppin’ w/ Rihanna Pregnant?

Word is Rihanna is with child, because according to her friends she has stopped drinking and smoking..These are the latest photos of Rihanna leaving a club..The shirt is kinda baggy, and it looks like there is a baby bump!..What do y’all think?..Check out photos and who is the alleged baby daddy below!..Plus, The game got… Read more »


What’s poppin’ w/ Rihanna taking shots at Drake and Chris Brown?

Rihanna is taking shots at both Drake and Chris Brown on the Gram..Find out what she had to say and the full story below..Plus, J-Lo finally gets her revenge on Diddy..She did it so way to get revenge on an ex!..What do y’all think? How would u get revenge on your ex?