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What’s poppin’ w/ Jay-Z ignoring Kim Kardashian?

Jay-Z completely ignores Kim Kardashian!..Was he made at her IG post of her and kanye in the elevator!..Check it out below!..Plus, Chris Breezy upset with Rihanna and Future rumors?!..He seen out with another chick!…Check out full story by clicking “play” below!


Why Did Ciara break-up With Future?

I wasn’t surprised when I heard the reason for CiCi and Future breaking up but it caught me off guard when I found out that Ciara BROKE IT OFF with future for cheating with RIHANNA!!! This is what Mediatakeout is Reporting: spoke with one of Ciara’s CLOSE FRIENDS who tell us that Ciara suspected… Read more »


What’s poppin’ w/ Ciara catching Future with her Enemy?

Ciara was fed up with Future’s cheating when she found out about one particular chick who is a superstar and her enemy!..Find out who and see the pics below!..Don’t think Chris Breezy will like this one!..Check it out by clicking “play”!.