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Ghetto Boy’s Bushwick Bill with DeDe in the Morning

The Legendary Bushwick Bill is in the building with DeDe in the Morning! He wants to inform everyone about his life threatening health condition, and lift our hearts and spirits with a moving message and great stories about working with the Ghetto Boys…      

Can Your Relationship Survive These Challenges?

All relationships go through challenges but some of them can end it. If your relationship can make it through these type of challenges then you know its forever! Listen to see if your relationship can stand the test of time with DeDe in the Morning…  

The Pros and Cons of Living Together Before Marriage

Have you ever lived with a boyfriend or girlfriend? In other words were you shacking up before you tied the knot? If you have then you may know some of the pros and the cons of living with some one before you get married. DeDe in the Morning wants to know what you think! Did… Read more »

Dr. Gladney with DeDe in the Morning

What we want and what we need are two very different things. In some cases it can be ok to go with the wants, but when it comes to relationships and attraction you have to know your needs. Dr. Gladney has her new book Power of Attraction and it can help you if you are… Read more »

Do You Need Permission to Cut Your Hair?

If you are in a relationship would you expect your spouse to ask for permission to change their hair style? Should your girl ask you before she shaves her head? Listen to Lady Jade’s story and see who you agree with, the boyfriend or the girlfriend? This subject has DeDe in the Morning all messed… Read more »

What Are Your Needs Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

It can be hard to determine the difference between our real wants and needs but one thing that can help clarify your relationship needs is your Zodiac sign. Astrologist Tracy Rodgers can tell you the things your sign needs, take a listen to see if she could be right only with DeDe in the Morning!… Read more »

Are You in a Textlationship?

Lady Jade is trying to look out for you, she wants you to be sure your not in a Textlationship! Not sure what exactly that is take a listen and find out if your are in a real relationship or something a lot less serious only with DeDe In the Morning  

How Big is the Age Gap?

Have you ever dated someone younger or older then you? How big was the age gap? How much of an age difference is too much? DeDe in the Morning asked her listeners and one had over 20 years age difference! Find out if age really is just a number…          

Do Men Ask Women to be Thier Girlfriend Anymore?

DeDe in the Morning has been married for almost 10 years so obviously she has been out of the dating game, but she was wondering do guys ask women to be their girlfriends anymore? She asked the guys at the station and their answers weren’t the best… Find out if the DeDe in the Morning… Read more »

Barbershop Talk with Michael Shawn “It’s Over!”

When did you know the relationship was over? That was the question Michael Shawn asked the guys and the answers will surprise you! Find out if the relationship you are in is over on Barbershop Talk with DeDe in the Morning!