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Lori the Dream Lady with DeDe in the Morning

Are you experiencing weird dreams and you have no idea what they mean? Let Lori the Dream lady help you! She can decipher the secret message your mind is trying to send you in your sleep. Take a listen and learn something about yourself with DeDe in the Morning.      

Lori the Dream Expert with DeDe in the Morning

Those reoccurring dreams mean something, they could have a deep meaning, or maybe you are putting way too much meaning into them. Find out what your dreams mean for your with Lori the Dream Expert only with DeDe in the Morning!  

Lori The Dream Lady with DeDe In The Morning

Do you have reoccurring dreams, but you don’t know what they mean? Let Lori the Dream Lady help you understand what is happening in your head! Check out how Lori helped some of DeDe in the Morning listeners…


Lauri the Dream Lady can interperet your weirdest, most recurrent dreams, all you have to do is tell her about them. Check out what some of our listener’s dreams mean to see if you can learn any thing… [Click and Listen]