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Kendrick Lamar Drops “i” Video

This is one of my favorite songs, like Pharrell’s “Happy” it just does something to me every time I hear it. So seeing the video makes me feel even better. And the cameo from Mr. Biggs ask Ron Isley is pretty dope too. Check it out and see if your day doesn’t get better!

Cinema Spot

Are You Trying To Shoot A Music Video? [Listen Now]

Dede in the Morning interviewed the videographer who filmed Lady Jade’s wedding, his name is Chris Harmond. His company is called Harmland Visions and they are a one stop shop, they have everything you need. (Listen Below)


VOTE: 9 O’Clock Knock Out

Week #4 for Ricochet’s song “Don’t Regret It” this week standing in his way is KTwon Fame “Never Seen That” take a listen to both songs and get your vote on. Vote as many times as you like, the winner will be announced next Sunday! The artist that wins 4 weeks in a row gets… Read more »