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Ross Shows A Softer Side In “Sorry”

Watching Ross on TV talking about how calm and happy he is seems like a far cry from his “Everyday I’m Hustlin” days, the more reserved and lighter Ross has come to terms with having all eyes on him, currently on house arrest the 80lb lighter version of Rick Ross has spent alot of time… Read more »

BJ the Chicago Kid 1

Mountain Dew Artist On The Rise: BJ The Chicago Kid

A South Side Story In this vast world of opportunity, dreams sometimes come true. Even in the hood. A place where, with a roll of the dice and a dash of hustler’s ambition, anything is possible. The rules of the game are as old as time. Be it cee-lo or snake eyes, chances go around…. Read more »


Best Future x Drake Memes

Well with the Internet buzzing about the new Drake x Future mixtape, “What A Time To Be Alive”, Meek Mill was the topic of conversation again as the two Hip-Hop heavyweights basked in the glow of their creation. We couldn’t let this moment pass us by without sharing the best memes that surfaced after the… Read more »


I’m So In Love With Kendrick Lamar

Ok, I admit it!! I’m in love with Kendrick Lamar, he is everything I love about this thing called “Hip-Hop” and last night’s performance on Stephen Colbert had me even more head over heels. His poetry flows synced perfectly with a live band and a vibe that I believe would move the late Marvin Gaye,… Read more »