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Mexican and a Movie

DeDe in the Morning loves movies but not bad ones, so she waits till Keynote give his “Mexican and a Movie” review. “Bohemian Rhapsody” hit the big screens and we had to know if the movie lived up to the legendary band “Queen” to hear if it’s worth your money click and listen!

Kevin Hart with DeDe in the Morning

DeDe in the Morning and the team got to talk to Kevin Hart about his new movie Night School, but what they really wanted to know about is if all the clams that Michael Shawn makes are true. Did Mike really have a part in starting Kevin Hart’s career? Find out what Kevin had to… Read more »

A Mexican And A Movie

The BlacKKKlansman is in theaters and the “Hipanic from another Planet” Key Note has the review for you! Not only is this a Spike Lee movie, but Denzel Washington’s son is in it… Click the link to see how many beans Key Note gave this movie @keynoteonair let’s you know if you should peep #TheBlackkklansman… Read more »

Two Mexicans and A Movie

When there is a new movie out but your not sure if its worth your dinero aka money then leave it to Key Note the “Hispanic From Another Planet” to give you the review your looking for. On this weeks episode the movie Equalizer 2 is being reviewed [Check out the link to see what… Read more »

Tupac Shakur

Trailer for the Tupac Movie ‘All Eyez on Me’

Today is Tupac Shakur’s birthday. He would have been his 45th birthday, now the highly anticipated biopic All Eyez on Me documenting his life and death releases its first official teaser trailer and it’s got everybody talking on this Thursday morning. Read More: Watch First Trailer for the Tupac Biopic ‘All Eyez on Me’ –… Read more »