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This song goes out to all those Valet Drivers with the drama, Mike Shawn destroyed another of your favorite songs! Only with DeDe In The Morning and We the Worst Records…

Kids Aren’t kids Anymore!

Michael Shawn is a proud father of his three baby girls, but according to his daughters they aren’t babies any more! Listen and laugh at how Mike Shawn figured out his kids aren’t kids any more… Only with DeDe in the Morning!

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Barbershop Talk with Michael Shawn

Barbershop Talk with Michael Shawn gets dirty when they wanted to know “Can you have a serious relationship with a PORNSTAR?” Listen to the link to hear what they had to say…


Mike Shawn is going to have you feeling psycho once you hear one of your favorite songs ruined by We The Worst Records! Find out which song he destroyed for We the Worst Wednesday… [Click to Listen]

Reviews That You Can Use

A Mexican and a Puerto Rican, have the safe sex review you can use. Check out Michael Shawn and Key Note talking condoms… It’s Friday! So it’s time for @mikeshawncomedy and @keynoteonair to bring you “Latino Reviews You Can Use”!! This week they review free condoms from the clinic! #dedeinthemorning #keepiton #k104 #reviews #condoms #latino… Read more »