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You Are Doing Too Much!

A Judge sentenced Soulja Boy to an odd sentence, Donald Trump’s Wall is pointless, companies are trying to ban the high five, Drake won ALL of the awards at the Billboard Music Awards and Michael Shawn had to put himself on his own list… Listen as Mike lets all these fools know “You Are Doing… Read more »

According to Michael Shawn You Are Doing Too Much!

3 Men were arrested for raping 1,000’s of farm animals, parents are putting themselves in debt for dance classes, the most miserable athletes are speaking out, and Kanye West is profiting off of Jesus! Michael Shawn has a few people he has to tell “You Are Doing Too Much!” Find out more on these stories… Read more »

We the Worst Records Presents “Plasma”

Michael Shawn knows some people have to donate until they can’t no more, so he made this song for those selling their bodily fluids… Listen and laugh at We the Worst Records new song “Plasma” Only on DeDe in the Morning!  

Michael Shawn’s You Are Doing Too Much List

Michael Shawn is a humble man and he likes to remind others to be the same, sometimes he has to let people know “You Are Doing Too Much!” Listen, laugh and find out who made it on the list this week only with DeDe in the Morning…  

Things Women Don’t Know About Themselves

Michael Shawn says he knows things about women that they don’t even know about themselves! Do you believe Mike take a listen to hear exactly what he is talking about and to find out if the ladies on the team really know themselves… Only with DeDe in the Morning!  

We the Worst Records Pure Water

Have you ever gotten the bubble guts at the worst time possible? Michael Shawn has the song for you if that food didn’t sit well in your stomach this song isn’t going to sit well either! Check out We the Worst Records…      

Barbershop Talk with Michael Shawn

Have you ever been with a woman that made you a better man? If she did would you admit it? Michael Shawn asked the guys and their answers were more then honest… Find out if these guys were bettered by their woman on Barbershop Talk! Only on DeDe in the Morning…  

So Over Slang Words with Michael Shawn

Sup Bae? You feeling Gucci today? Or Nah? There are so many slang words used today and some of them we are just straight over hearing. Michael Shawn has the list of slang words you can’t stand to hear any more. Take a listen to find out if you are a slang word savage only… Read more »

Barbershop Talk with Michael Shawn Unattractive Women

The barbershop is where the men can talk and Michael Shawn asked the guys “What is the most unattractive thing about a woman?” Their answers might surprise you it wasn’t all about the physical appearance… Get your Barbershop Talk with Michael Shawn only on DeDe in the Morning!      

You Are Doing Too Much!

If you made it on this list You Are Doing Too Much! Dirk from the Mavs has been discounting himself millions, R Kelly is still singing to young girls, and for once one celebrity is doing too much in a good way, find out what celebrity will be stripping with J Lo in a new… Read more »