Mexican and a Movie Review Creed

DeDe in the Morning loves movies but she loves her money more, so lucky for her Key Note is always willing to spend his money first and give DeDe his Mexican and a Movie Review. Michael B. Jordan was the star but did he make the movie shine? Check out the review to find out… Read more »

Mexican and a Movie

DeDe in the Morning loves movies but not bad ones, so she waits till Keynote give his “Mexican and a Movie” review. “Bohemian Rhapsody” hit the big screens and we had to know if the movie lived up to the legendary band “Queen” to hear if it’s worth your money click and listen!


Do you like movies but like your money more? Would you want to know if the movie will be worth your money? Then check out A Mexican And A Movie! Key Note will watch the movie for you and let you know how many beans (not stars) he rates it. Find out if Goosebumps 2… Read more »


The Nun was #1 movie in the box office this weekend and Key Note can tell you if its worth spending your money with A Mexican and a Movie Review! Check out what he had to say… View this post on Instagram Wanna know what movie you should spend your money on this week!?!? @keynoteonair… Read more »

A Mexican And A Movie

The BlacKKKlansman is in theaters and the “Hipanic from another Planet” Key Note has the review for you! Not only is this a Spike Lee movie, but Denzel Washington’s son is in it… Click the link to see how many beans Key Note gave this movie @keynoteonair let’s you know if you should peep #TheBlackkklansman… Read more »

Mexican and a Movie Review

If you need a movie review before you spend your money check out a Mexican and a Movie with Key Note. Want to see Mission Impossible check out the link below to see if its even worth it… @keynoteonair reviews “Mission Impossible 6” and lets you know how many beans it gets out of 5…. Read more »