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What a Man’s Instagram Feed Means

A man’s Instargram can tell you a lot about him and Lady Jade can let you know what to look for and what it means. Whether he is self centered, or obsessed with “Instachicks” his Instagram is sure to snitch him out! Listen and learn with DeDe in the Morning.  

Better Keep Yourself Together

We have all seen relationships go down hill because people get out of shape or don’t look as good as they used to. DeDe in the Morning wants to know is it a woman’s responsibility to maintain their looks in order to keep her man? You have to hear what our listeners had to say… Read more »

Things Women Hate to See in a Man’s Home!

Have you ever walked into a single man’s apartment and see things that he shouldn’t even have any more… Rudy Rush must have experienced this a few times, and now he has the ways to know if your apartment is a turn off! Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning  

Romantic Gestures a Guy will Love

Women love to be romanced, but so do men! These are romantic gestures a guy would love, take a listen and learn how to make your man happy. Only with DeDe in the Morning  

What Guys Do After a Break Up

Guys act so tough but when it comes to break ups they are just as sensitive as women. Lady Jade found a list of thing men do after a break up, listen and let us know if you agree or have seen it for your self. DeDe in the Morning wants to hear about your… Read more »

Signs of an Immature Man

Have you ever met a man who was real playful, and kind of cute, but he turned out to be an immature little boy? Well these signs can help save you the headache listen and learn the signs of an immature man with DeDe in the Morning!  

DeDe’s Flirting Tips For Men

How much game you got? Are you a player for real? Or are you really playing yourself? DeDe in the Morning has some flirting tips for men. Take a listen and learn a few things or maybe your game really is as good as you think…  

Do Men Ask Women to be Thier Girlfriend Anymore?

DeDe in the Morning has been married for almost 10 years so obviously she has been out of the dating game, but she was wondering do guys ask women to be their girlfriends anymore? She asked the guys at the station and their answers weren’t the best… Find out if the DeDe in the Morning… Read more »

Lady Jade

The Top Lies Men Tell

Lady Jade has the list of top lies men tell. Take a listen to see if you have ever told these lies or even had them told to you! Only on DeDe in the Morning…