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McDonalds Employee Made The F U List

We knew it would happen, Michael Shawn has added new people to his ” F U List.” One person in particular definitely deserves to be on it. If you go to McDonalds and order the kids meal a toy is typically included. One McDonalds employee aspired to be a rapper, instead of placing toys in… Read more »


Mike Shawn Doesnt F With Mayweather

It’s that time again, the “F U List” is in full affect! Lets see who Michael Shawn isn’t F’ing with today. Remember the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, did you know that in only 36 minutes Mayweather made 236 million dollars? Michael Shawn just can’t F with someone who makes that much money. It’s crazy that… Read more »

Puppy Dog

DDITM: Animal Sex

Michael Shawn doesn’t “F With” weird or crazy situations which would include a lot of people, even a few places. For example one crazy situation he doesn’t f with, a while back a 16 year old tweeted a disrespectful tweet about Kobe Bryant, hash tagging rapist. Well four years later, he was drafted by the… Read more »

Anger 2

Del Taco Makes The F U List

Michael Shawn has new people on the F U List! A woman in Cali made an order at Del Taco, and realized that the restaurant got her order wrong. She got so mad that she pulled out her pepper spray and sprayed everybody!! Yes, F U List material for sure! Find out what else happened…. Read more »


DeDe Says F U To Her Husband

Michael Shawn is infamous for putting people on his “F U List.” This list is for people who have done something crazy, outrageous or just ridiculous. Many have been placed on this list but we never thought DeDe in the Morning would put her husband on it! Find out why he made the list. [Listen… Read more »


The Perfect Car Break In

You wouldn’t believe the stories that made Michael Shawn’s “F U List!” In one, a guy got his car broken into. Good news for him is only $4 was stolen. Just wait the story gets even better!! Turns out the thief had OCD! By the end of the robbery, he had cleaned out the mans… Read more »