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What The Hell You Doing At The Courthouse?!

When you see Lady Jade at the courthouse don’t run from her run to her! When Lady Jade ran into this large man on the street she had to know what the hell is he doing at the courthouse, and you won’t believe why this guy ” 2 Scoops ” stole a truck… [To hear… Read more »

What The Hell You Doing At The Court House?!

Lady Jade might as well be a detective because she is always hunting down “criminals” to talk to! Lady Jade loves crime and that’s why she hangs out at the court house, just so she can find out “What The Hell You Doing At The Court House?!” Find out why this guy says he got… Read more »

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Lady Jade has a list of things you did in your 20’s that change when you get in your 30’s 1) We become time conscious 2) You have to confirm with friends before posting on social media/ get approval 3) If there is a line your 30 year old feet are not waiting in heels… Read more »

#LadyJade | #MadMinute #DFWMostTalentedKids

Things Not To Tell Your Black Friends During The Summer

Here is a list of things Lady jade says you should not say to your black friends during the summer… 1)Do you want to use my sun screen so you don’t get blacker? 2)Your black so you can’t swim, right? 3)Wow! Thats how your hair curls when it gets wet. 4)I didn’t know you could… Read more »

What the hell you doing at the courthouse?!

Lady Jade ran into a real “trapper”! Find out exactly how many 1000’s of pounds this man got caught with on What the Hell you doing at the courthouse? with Lady jade… [clink the link below to listen now]