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Do You Need A Girlfriends Getaway? [Listen Now]

Join DeDe, Lady Jade and Draya for a three day event in April with the ladies of B Donna’s. It’s a “Girlfriends Getaway” the weekend of April 17th in Rockwall and they are having a women’s retreat. (Listen Below)

Beautiful woman is working out

Why Is Lady Jade Moaning? [Listen Now]

Lady Jade went to Pilates yesterday and it was definitely a work out. She is bent out of shape and DeDe and Michael Shawn said she was moaning and it sounded sexual. (Listen Below)

Bar of Soap and Washcloth

Lady Jade Just Found Out That Her Husband … [Listen Now]

It’s Lady Jade’s first year of marriage and she just found out that her husband uses a bar of soap directly on his body when he showers. She’s mad because that’s the same bar soap she uses and thinks he should use a wash cloth. (Listen Below)