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Lady Jade’s Bridal Luncheon [Listen Now]

Yesterday Lady Jade had a bridal luncheon with her co-workers from the radio station and she got gag gifts, cook books, toys and sex books. She also got a truth or dare book, so Dede in the Morning made her play truth or dare live on the air! (Listen Below)


Lady Jade’s Hot Fall 2014 Trends for Women

The following list is a list of Hot Fall 2014 Trends for Women! 1. Leather 2. Plaids: 3. Distressed Jeans Lady Jade’s Note: You can still wear your bright colors this fall and, ladies, keep rocking the white!


Lady Jade’s Wedding Seating Chart [Listen Now]

Lady Jade is getting married in 10 days and she is finalizing her wedding seating chart. It’s like a puzzle because she can not sit her fiancĂ©s parents next to each other and had to sit them at separate tables. Also she has family members from Jamaica that don’t speak very good English and she… Read more »


Lady Jade’s Wedding Drama! [Listen Now]

Lady Jade is getting married in one month and there is already wedding drama. One of the grooms men got into a fight with his baby mama, and he wants her to be uninvited to the wedding. He said that if she goes to the wedding he’s not going! (Listen Below)