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What is Considered Cheating?

What would you consider cheating? We all know that sleeping with some one is cheating but what about other things? Lady Jade wants to know how thin the line is and when is it being crossed… Listen with DeDe in the Morning and drop a comment let us know what you think is cheating!  

Lady Jade

Lady Jade Said He’s Bad in Bed!

You don’t have to kiss every frog to know they aren’t Prince Charming, and you don’t have to sleep with a guy to know if they are good in bed! Lady Jade knows the signs that someone is bad in bed, listen, laugh and you decide if these are signs you will look for to… Read more »

Reasons You Can’t Date Someone

We all have a “type”, you know that list of qualities you look for in some one you want to date, but what is that one thing that completely turns you off? Fill in the blank ” I could never date some one who______!” DeDe in the Morning asked her listeners and some of the… Read more »

Lady Jade

How To Know They Are Thinking About You

Do you want to know if the person you like is actually thinking about you? Lady Jade can let you know! These are the signs to look for to know if some one is thinking about you… Listen and laugh only with DeDe in the Morning!  

WTH You Doing At The Courthouse?!

You know when some one is named 2 Scoops, they are going to have a good story to tell Lady Jade  when she asks “WTH You Doing at the Courthouse?!” Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning!

WTH You Doing at the Courthouse?!

Probation violation landed this guy back in jail and back in court, Lady Jade knew he would have a good story and based on his violation he didn’t learn his lesson the first time… Find out what happen when Lady Jade asks anonymous “WTH You Doing at the Courthouse?!”  

Your Angry Sign with Lady Jade

Every one talks about the benefits in their horoscope but how does your zodiac sign act when your angry? Lady Jade is telling you and the team what the signs mean only on DeDe in the Morning…