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Dede Says She Will Pay For Lady Jades Wedding [Listen Now]

Lady Jade is getting married on September 27 and Dede wants to pay for the wedding only if she gets to pick out the location. She wants Jade to get married at McDonalds because 15 McDonald restaurants are offering “Wedding Packages.” (Listen Below)


Meet Lady Jade’s Bridesmaid Toy [Listen Now]

Dede in the Morning talked to Lady Jade’s bridesmaid Toy. The two met during a pole fitness class and became good friends. Jade asked her to be in the weeding at the radio station. (Listen Below)


Lady Jade’s Bridesmaid Sally [Listen Now]

Dede in the Morning talked to Lady Jade’s bridesmaid Sally who is also her “Aunt.” She is the sister of Jade’s fathers wife and she has a few issues when it comes to men. (Listen Below)


Have You Ever Been On A Long Bus Ride? [Listen Now]

Lady Jade and her fiancĂ© are taking an 8 hour Mega bus ride to Memphis, Tennessee this weekend to attend his best man’s college graduation. Jade has never been on a Megabus and is nervous because she read the reviews on-line and they were not good. (Listen Below)


Meet Lady Jade’s Maid Of Honor [Listen Now]

Lady Jade is getting married in September and today we met her maid of honor Lori. She has know Jade since the 7th grade and is very excited to be in the wedding. Dede is a little salty about not being asked to be in the wedding so she grills Lori about her friendship with… Read more »