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Lady Jade’s Job Never Ends With Her Family! [Listen Now]

Lady Jade’s job never ends, she says that when she gets off work at 10am do not call her and ask about traffic! Last night her mom called while she was asleep and she thought it was an emergency but her mom just wanted to ask her about traffic. (Listen Below)


DeDe In The Morning Answers Your Questions [Listen Now]

DeDe in the Morning have a new segment called “ask the show,” this is when listeners can ask them questions. A listener asked DeDe if she had any brother and sisters and if she was the favorite and she replied that she is the youngest of 5 and she is her mothers favorite. A listener… Read more »


Lady Jade Saw Her First … [Listen Now]

Lady Jade and her husband went to see WWE Smackdown last night at the American Airlines Center. It was her first time going to a wrestling show and she said it was confusing and way over the top! (Listen Below)