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A Mexican and a Movie

Don’t spend your money on a movie unless you know it is worth it, and what better way to find out then listening to A Mexican and a Movie review! This week your Hispanic from another planet Key Note can let you know about “The Upside” with Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart. It’s doing big… Read more »


DeDe in the Morning loves movies but she loves money more, so instead of wasting her own money she lets Key Note check out the movie first and then give his Mexican and a Movie Review. The movie Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse came out and Key Note has the review, find out out how many… Read more »

Mexican and a Movie Review

It’s time to find out if Halloween is worth your money! Not the holiday no the new movie Halloween is out in theaters and before you blow your bank on a movie that might stank, let Key Note the Hispanic from another Planet give you his Mexican and a Movie Review!   View this post… Read more »


Do you like movies but like your money more? Would you want to know if the movie will be worth your money? Then check out A Mexican And A Movie! Key Note will watch the movie for you and let you know how many beans (not stars) he rates it. Find out if Goosebumps 2… Read more »

A Mexican And A Movie

The BlacKKKlansman is in theaters and the “Hipanic from another Planet” Key Note has the review for you! Not only is this a Spike Lee movie, but Denzel Washington’s son is in it… Click the link to see how many beans Key Note gave this movie @keynoteonair let’s you know if you should peep #TheBlackkklansman… Read more »

Mexican and a Movie Review

If you need a movie review before you spend your money check out a Mexican and a Movie with Key Note. Want to see Mission Impossible check out the link below to see if its even worth it… @keynoteonair reviews “Mission Impossible 6” and lets you know how many beans it gets out of 5…. Read more »

Carl Payne goes from Martin and Cosby to Kung-fu

Call him Kung-fu Carl, Carl Payne Came to K104 and opened the door to his comedy career. Key Note The Hispanic From Another Planet dropped a fun fact about Carl’s movie appearances that took Mr. Payne down memory lane… [Check out the video below] @keynoteonair has guest @thecarlpayne from #TheCosbyShow #Martin and the Kung Fu… Read more »

Reviews That You Can Use

A Mexican and a Puerto Rican, have the safe sex review you can use. Check out Michael Shawn and Key Note talking condoms… It’s Friday! So it’s time for @mikeshawncomedy and @keynoteonair to bring you “Latino Reviews You Can Use”!! This week they review free condoms from the clinic! #dedeinthemorning #keepiton #k104 #reviews #condoms #latino… Read more »

Two Mexicans and A Movie

When there is a new movie out but your not sure if its worth your dinero aka money then leave it to Key Note the “Hispanic From Another Planet” to give you the review your looking for. On this weeks episode the movie Equalizer 2 is being reviewed [Check out the link to see what… Read more »