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What’s poppin’ w/ how Kanye really feels about Jay and Bey?

Kanye West did an interview with GQ magazine and spoke about how he felt when Jay and Bey didn’t show up to his wedding..Find out what he had to say by clicking “play’ below!..Plus, there is a reason why Stevie J took Joseline back!..Find that out below!


Kanye Installed a GPS tracking device on Kim

Word on the street is that Kim feels trapped, She’s becoming very upset because she feels that she doesn’t have control over her life anymore. The crazy thing is that Kanye has installed a GPS tracking device on her cell phone. He is so controlling he keeps calling her all throughout the day and she… Read more »


WTH? Stacy Dash Wants Kanye West To Be Raped?

Is anyone checking for Stacy Dash? I didn’t think so, however in a sad attempt to get attention Stacy put her foot in her mouth by suggesting that Kanye West should go to Riker’s Island to be raped. Kanye ranted over the weekend in London and compared dealing with the paparazzi to being raped, his… Read more »


Kanye West Moves To Paris Without Kim Kardashian!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s marriage is already on the rocks because he reportedly has decided to move to Paris without his wife and baby! Kim’s close friend tells that the real reason is that Kanye wants to live in Paris with out Kim. The insider explained, “Kanye told [Kim] that he wants her… Read more »


Kanye West Booed Onstage

Kanye was booed on stage at London’s Wireless Festival during his headlining slot this weekend (he replaced Drake, who pulled out due to an illness), West got sidetracked during “Runaway” and launched into one of his infamous rants. “People be looking at me like I’ve got a problem or something. Like I’m uncontrollable .. like… Read more »