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Things Your Spouse Should Never Know About You!

DeDe in the Morning came across a list of things that men should never let their spouse know about, but in reality this list goes for everybody… Check out the list and all of DeDe’s Hot Topics! 1) Never admit to CHEATING! 2) Never tell them about your most embarrassing moments. 3) Never tell them… Read more »

DeDe’s De”Cypher”

DeDe in the Morning and the team love to play games, especially brain games! That’s why DeDe wants you to decipher the lyrics to songs that they changed from slang into cooperate terminology. Check out DeDe’s De”Cypher” [Click, Listen and Laugh]


Find out how being sleepy can land you in jail and talking to Lady Jade about What the Hell You Doing at the Courthouse?! [click and listen]


DeDe In The Morning knows the news you need, so check out today’s Hot Topics! Protest at the Dallas Cowboys Game, Zeke’s sixpack is back, and Kat Williams hating on Tiffany Haddish… Check out DeDe’s Hot Topics!


When there is too much news for you to go through let DeDe in the Morning give you the hottest stories in her Hot Topics! An officer was shot and wounded in Fort Worth, police equipment found in the apartment of the man that was shot in his own home by the Dallas police officer,… Read more »

Chingo Bling

Chingo Bling the comedic rapper, just had a baby and who knew home birth can be hilarious, at least he made it funny! Listen to Chingo Bling telling DeDe in the Morning that he thinks he got “catfished” by his own wife. [Click, listen, and laugh] View this post on Instagram Chingo Bling delivered his… Read more »

DeDe’s Date Fail

If you have ever been on a date that you thought went great, but you didn’t get a call back? DeDe in the Morning can help you on DeDe’s Date Fail! Check out how this Toothless Tinder Date Fail! [Click and Listen]


Do you need to know what happening in the world get your Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning! [Click and Listen]

DeDe’s DM

Find out what advice DeDe In The Morning gave a guy that found out his girl was stripping behind his back? Listen and laugh to DeDe’s DM! [Check it out]