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Jobs Available

Ms. Dianne Gibson has some great news you can use, you can find out about companies hiring, assistance programs you or a family member can use or even events happening in your hood. If you have questions about what your community can do for you take a listen and learn with DeDe in the Morning!

DeDe’s Date Fail Opened His Mail!

DeDe in the Morning wanted to help a sweet girl find out why she got the cold shoulder from her date after he cooked her food at his house, but when DeDe heard him say she opened his mail things got weird… Find out what happen on DeDe’s Date Fail!  

What is Harder Letting Go or Starting Over after a Break Up?

DeDe in the Morning was trying to help a friend after a break up and she was wondering whats harder, moving on, starting over, or letting go? She asked the team and the listeners what they thought. Drop a comment on what you think is hardest…    

Keven Harts “Guide To Black History”

Kevin Hart has teamed up with Netflix to present a new Black History month special. The comedians hour long special reflects on the many historic moments and lives of unsung black heroes through a series of short reenactments. Keeping it funny and educational Kevin Hart brings a new twist to learning about our history! The… Read more »

Child Support Attorney with DeDe in the Morning

Child support can be a major headache for both parents, and understanding the system can be a bit difficult. That’s why DeDe in the Morning brought in Child Support Attorney Cathy Middleton to answer your questions!  

Your Angry Sign with Lady Jade

Every one talks about the benefits in their horoscope but how does your zodiac sign act when your angry? Lady Jade is telling you and the team what the signs mean only on DeDe in the Morning…