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What’s poppin’ with Drake taking more shots at Jay-Z?

Drake decided to take more shots at Jay-Z this past weekend!…Find out what he had to say by clicking “play” below!..Do u think Jay-Z will respond?!…Do u consider it real beef or just competitive?!..I believe it is all for the fun of the sport!..Cuz Lyrically Drake don’t want none with Hov!!


Diddy Tops Forbes’ Hip Hop Wealthiest Artists List

Forbes listed hip-hop’s top five wealthiest artist of 2014 and let’s just say Diddy is living good. Diddy leads the pack with an estimated fortune that’s worth $700 Million dollars. That’s an increase of $120 million from his net worth last year. Those profits from Ciroc, the growth of REVOLT TV and his investment in… Read more »


What’s poppin’ with Jay-Z’s new album?

Jay-Z dropping a new album!..The evidence is found below..Is it coming out before Kanye or after?…Are we getting a new “Throne” album?…Plus, Chris Brown is having it rough in jail…His assault trial is Monday in D.C…Find out all the details below just in case u missed it on What’s poppin’ w/ Priya!  


What’s poppin’ with Drake Responding to Jay-Z?

Drake responded to Jay-Z, but didn’t mention Jay’s name…The subliminal is weak in my opinion, but also suggests that Drake is working on an official response..Who knows when or if it will drop?!..But check out his new track where he indirectly addresses Jay below..The track is bangin’ though because it samples Lauryn Hill’s Doo-Wop!  


What’s poppin’ w/ Jay-Z taking shots at Drake?

Jay-Z released a “We made it ” remix with Jay-Electronica and stunts all over the track and mentions drake in the song..If u recall Drake made comments about Jay-Z, so Jay felt the need to respond!..I love hearing Jigga sonning folks!! it out below!..Plus, Scott Disick was running errands in shorts that were wayyy too… Read more »


Jay Z Called Drake “Mrs. Drizzy”

It is well known that Jay Z backs down from none. He is battle tested and it doesn’t matter how much money he has, the kid that learned how to rap while busting beats at the dinner table still resides in him. All tho Drake has made it known how much he admires Jay, he… Read more »