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What’s poppin’ w/ Ludacris and Drake’s beef?

So the real reason why Luda and Drake had issues a few years ago was because of a chick?!..Plus, Dr. Dre says at first he was not into doing the NWA movie! Will there be new Dr. Dre music for the soundtrack of the movie?!..Check what he had to say by clicking “play” below!


Madonna wants to date Drake!

Madonna says she wants to date Drake!..She expressed it in an interview and her IG page..Check out what she had to say by clicking “play” below!..Plus, Drake is giving us more new music in April?!..Check it out below!


Who is dating who on Empire?

U will never guess what two people on Empire are dating off the show!..They were seen at a wedding last weekend, and they were very affectionate according to witnesses!..Check out who by clicking “play” below!..Plus, Lil’ Wayne and Christina Milian are getting serious and making it official!

Engagement Ring

#WeddingDay: Bride nearly brings groom to tears

Even Drake couldn’t get this emotional. The power of words are serious. This woman got BARS! I’ll be first to tell you I’m afraid of marriage but damn if you say this to ya boy I just might…. naw… no I won’t, I’m good.


F*** That Ho!! Lil Wayne Agrees with Drake

So by now you’ve heard about Drake coming to Rikers Island while Wayne was in jail to tell him that he had slept with his girl, well Wayne admits in a new book that his is shopping to publishers that he was pissed at Drake, but has since squashed the beef and agrees with Drake… Read more »


Drake Slept With Lil Wayne’s Girlfriend!!!

Word on the street (TMZ) is that Wayne will be writing a tell all book. In this book he reveals that Drake slept with his girlfriend while he was locked up. This “girlfriend’s” name is a celebrity socialite name Tammy Torres. It is also being said that this the reason that Drake and Wayne got… Read more »