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Complex lists the Best Rappers Alive 1979-2014

(Click Anywhere on this story for the complete list) Who was the best rapper alive in 1979, 1993, or currently 2014? Complex lists the Kings of each year along with honorable mentions in a detailed report that supports their claims. You know the names, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Rakim, but which year did… Read more »

Anger 2

#ShotsFired: Rappers diss homies in old tweets

Rappers talking slick on twitter isn’t a new thing. Anything for the retweet. But a lot of these artists old tweets before they blew up about their current bosses or friends in the game have surfaced and well… you know its that old saying, “I Bet You want say it to his face”. Does this… Read more »


What’s poppin’ w/ Rihanna pregnant?

I am hearing that Rihanna is pregnant!!..Plus, she will be singing about it on her new album?!..Check out the full juice by clicking “play” below!..Plus, 50 and Floyd put their differences aside after a major tragedy!