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How To Slide In The DMs

There are rules when it comes to sliding into someone’s DM and Lady Jade has them for you! Listen to find out if you are breaking the rules and possibly looking a little crazy when you do it.  

DEDE’S DM Need Relationship Advice

You know it is always going down in DeDe DM’s! DeDe is always getting different stories from our listeners asking for advice, guidance, or in this case whether or not this woman is wrong for thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend for beating her dog?! Tune in to hear more and let us know… Read more »

DeDe’s DM

It goes down in the DM, but for DeDe in the Morning people aren’t asking for a date, they are asking for advice! DeDe received a message from a listener who never kissed her side dude, after 5 years they finally kissed and she caught… Click the link to hear what she caught from the… Read more »

Not Ready For Marriage

DeDe’s DM: A listeners friend told her that her boyfriend is getting ready to propose. Sounds awesome, but she isn’t ready for marriage. Should she not go to the party? What should she do? [Listen Below]