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Incase you ever wanted to know what was on @iwantdjduffey playlist, don’t worry we got you covered ‼️ #DuffeyPicks #k104 A post shared by K104 (@k104fm) on Feb 14, 2018 at 12:59pm PST HIT US ON TWITTER AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK #DUFFEYSPICKS!

DJ Poizon Ivy & DJ Duffey Takeover The Global Spin Awards

The Global Spin Awards (GSAs) were created to award and honor the world’s most dynamic and talented DJs for their contribution to the culture of music and entertainment: past, present and future. From the influential DJ pioneers and innovators, to the trendsetters and entrepreneurs; elite DJs across the globe will be recognized and honored, amongst… Read more »

DJ Duffey Gives Inspiration To Single Mothers

DJ Duffey gives inspiration to Single Mother’s in a heartwarming post on Instagram. She says “At 22 as a single mom going through a divorce headed to my first day at Enterprise car rental…. fast forward to me DJing in Australia for one of the biggest artists in the world …. motivation for my moms… Read more »

Top 5 Keys To Being A Baddie w/ DJ Duffey

Bay Bay is hooking up the HOTTEST Babe in the D-F Dub with $10K!! Upload your photo here! DJ Duffey stopped by to give her Top 5 Keys To Being A Baddie 1. Make sure your body is on point 2. You have to have great HYGEINE 3. Know How To Make Your Own Money… Read more »