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Sean John - Backstage - Fall 08 MBFW

Is Cassie Pregnant By Diddy? [Listen Now]

Cassie appears to be pregnant by her long time boyfriend Diddy. She posted the above pic of herself on Instagram showing what looks like a baby bump. She quickly took the pic down, cropped it and then put it back up. Dede in the Morning says that Cassie’s baby will be his favorite out of all his… Read more »


Diddy Gave The Commencement Speech At Howard University [Listen Now]

Diddy gave the commencement speech at Howard University over the weekend. He talked about running the New York City Marathon in 2003 after only eight weeks of training and he quoted Biggie several times during his speech. Dede in the Morning says her speeches are much better. (Listen Below)


What’s poppin’ with Suge knight saying Diddy shot Pac?

Suge Knight is confusing me with what he saying about Pac and Diddy..What do u think?..Do u believe him?..If u haven’t heard what Suge Knight said click “play” below to listen!…Plus, 50 Cent had some words about Diddy as well and it all stemmed from a business negotiation!…Let me know what u think!