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DeDe’s DM Juicy Booty

It goes down in DeDe’s DM! A young lady contacted DeDe in the Morning to ask for help with her man. He keeps calling her a name he used to call his ex and he is even saying it while they are in bed. Find out what name he keeps calling her and what advice… Read more »

DeDe’s DMs

Anonymous went into DeDe’s DMs to ask for help, the woman is dating a man who’s fiancĂ© died before he could marry her. The real issue for anonymous he won’t tell her how she died… Find out what advice DeDe in the Morning gave this woman, click the link to listen!

DeDe’s DM’s

DeDe In The Morning always has great advice, so when a dad needed a second opinion about smoking weed with his son, he hit DeDe up in the DM’s. [Click the link to listen]