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Jealous Of The Baby Mama

DeDe’s DM: I just found out my husband gave my step daughter $200 to give to her mom on Mother’s Day. I think $200 to much for his baby mama or am I being petty? DeDe in the Morning told her…[Listen Below]

Are You A Manly Man

Fellas, are you a manly man? Ladies are you dating a manly man? DeDe in the Morning has a few ways to know if you are a manly man…[Listen Below]

The Worst Song Ever

Aaaayyye! It’s “We The Worst Wednesday” and your boy Michael Shawn has been in the lab working on something new. This has to be the worst song he’s ever come up with…[Listen Below]

Destiny’s Child Reunion Soon?

Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams calls DeDe in the Moring to discuss her new position as ambassador for The Office of Women’s Health. She even answers the frequently asked question, “Will Destiny’s Child be reuniting?” [Listen Below]

My Kids!

DFW’s Most Talented Kids

Do you think your child is super talented and needs to be on the radio? Lady Jade has found some pretty hot talented in this weeks edition of “DFW’s Most Talented Kids.” [Listen Below]

Addicted To Spending

Have you ever got sucked in to buying something from an infomercial? Was it a good or bad purchase? Michael Shawn said once, he bought a…[Listen Below]

My Mother’s Day Sucked

DeDe in the Morning wants to know if your Mother’s Day was a “win” or a “fail”? One listener said it was a total…. [Listen Below]

You’re Not A Cowboy

DeDe’s Date Fail: A guy named Curtis went on a date with Linda. He decided to bring her to the AT&T Stadium which is very impressive but Linda didn’t like the fact that he lied about…[Listen Below]

In Love With Mary Jane

What the hell are you doing at the courthouse: Lady Jade met a guy who got into some trouble due to marijuana charges. He said while running from the cops he hide the marijuana in his…[Listen Below]

Scandal Coming To An End

DeDe’s Hot Topics: High school students now must take breathalyzer test before and after prom. One of our favorite “black shows” is coming to and end…[Listen Below]