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DeDe’s Graduation Speech

It’s graduation season, one of DeDe in the Morning’s favorite times of the year. DeDe gives a sample of the graduation speech that she will be giving to 7th graders really soon. [Listen Below]

Billboard Music Awards Recap

According to DeDe in the Morning, the 2017 Billboard Music Awards was pretty interesting. Drake addressed his beef with Ludacris and Nicki Minaj got extremely jealous of ….[Listen Below]

Victim Of Domestic Lies

What the hell are you doing at the courthouse: Anonymous was upset that he was dealing with a domestic violence case. He said he didn’t put his hands on anyone, his girlfriend just got upset and decided to…[Listen Below]

The World Of Swingers

Date Fail: Monica went on a date with a friendly guy named John. Although John had a good time, he said he was extremely shocked to find out that Monica was really…[Listen Below]

Married My Co-Worker

Love can happen anywhere, even at the job. Have you ever married a co-worker? One listener said…[Listen Below]

Betty Shelby Found Not Guilty

Some are very shocked and appalled at the outcome of the Terence Crutcher case. Office Betty Shelby has been found not guilty of first degree murder. [For full story, click here.]