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Ok Triple DF-Dub, you know that I’m always looking for ways to showcase the hottest talent in Dallas/Ft. Worth Hip-Hop and R&B and now McDonalds and Revolt TV are looking for local artists from Dallas, TX to be a part of their LOCAL LOVE TOUR! Submit your best work in video form for the chance… Read more »


You Aint From Dallas If…..

Lady Jade was scrolling through instagram and found something everybody was going crazy over. There was a hashtag that said, ” you aint from Dallas if.” So DeDe in the Morning wants to know, you aint from Dallas if (fill in the blank) this what our listeners had to say. [Listen Below]

Sexy body

“Wewe” Gets Locked Up For Performing Illegal Butt Injections In Dallas!

A woman accused of performing illegal butt injections in Dallas turned herself in Wednesday, according to police. An arrest warrant was issued last week for the suspect, Denise Ross, who also reportedly goes by “Wewe.” Ross, who is facing charges of illegally practicing medicine, is accused of injecting clients with household products like caulk. Several… Read more »


Someone Get Lil Twist and Bring Him Back To Dallas

The lil homie, Lil Twist could be heading to jail. According to TMZ, who Twist has a huge dislike for, is reporting that Twist is facing 25 years in jail after being accused of breaking into Kyle Massey’s house (you remember him from, That’s So Raven and Corey In The House on the Disney Channel)… Read more »


Check Out The Singing Dallas Police Officer

Dallas artist, Rayvaughn’s cover has been blown. While riding the Dart the police officer was put on the spot when asked to sing, and he had a willing audience take a look and listen to Rayvaughn and pick up his new EP, Experience Rayvaughn. Post by Monica Hernandez.