Things Mike Would Risk Getting the Rona For

As we all know Covid-19 is dangerous but Michael Shawn says there are certain things he would risk catching the virus for and they aren’t as noble as you would think. Is there anyone or anything you want to see or do that you would risk getting Coronavirus? You have to hear Mike’s non-sense and… Read more »

Doja Cat Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Back in March Doja Cat made it clear she wasn’t trippin about the coronavirus. I’m not scared of a coronavirus or the beer version of that sh** She even broke off a couple bars, I’m gonna get corona then I’m gonna get a Corona cause I don’t give a f– about corona bih. You know how… Read more »

Should You Stay In A Hotel During The Pandemic?

How safe is it to stay in a hotel during the COVID-19 pandemic? Certain tips can help your stay be less stressful. The American Hotel and Lodging Association released a checklist for guests to follow if they plan on spending time at a resort or hotel right now.  Wearing a mask or face covering and maintaining… Read more »


After weeks of increased COVID-19 cases in Dallas County, health officials reported a dramatic decrease in numbers. As of Tuesday, July 21st there were 734 new covid-19 cases reported for the first time fewer than 1,000 in 18 days. County Judge Clay Jenkins states; “One day does not make a trend but this is an… Read more »

Tyler Perry Starts Production Again In Atlanta

Tyler Perry Studios is officially back to business in Atlanta. The cast and crew of BET’s Sistas have been quarantined at the studios ever since the actors flew in on Perry’s private plane from New York and Los Angeles last week. The second season of Sistas will begin production on Tuesday. Once Sistas is done, Deadline reports that the cast of The Oval will arrive… Read more »


The EPA has stated two Lysol products kills covid-19 on hard surfaces. The Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist kills the coronavirus within in two minutes of contact. Lysol representative stated; “In the face of the pandemic, Lysol continues to work with a wide range of scientific and health experts to educate… Read more »


Texas hospitals are running out of beds sooner than we thought, as local officials express concerns that the hospitals could be overloaded with coronavirus patients. Texas is reporting more than 8,000 people hospitalized for the new coronavirus. Though numbers are reaching an all time high, this increase could overwhelm the intensive care capacities thus running… Read more »

Will You Avoid Movie Theaters Upon Reopening?

With many movie theaters gearing up to reopen, many people won’t be rushing to go back. A new study says 49 percent of Americans are hesitant of going to the movies as the pandemic continues. That ranks second behind people being hesitant of using public transportation and just ahead of people having second thoughts about… Read more »


Dallas-based Project Unity has started three new covid-19 testing sites in South Dallas every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. These new testing sites are apart of the “Together We Test” program that identifies the need for more testing sites in the most vulnerable neighborhoods in Dallas. Together We Trust is collaboration between ministers and churches, community… Read more »