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Texas Southern Offers George Floyd’s Daughter a Full Scholarship

Texas Southern University has offered George Floyd’s daughter Gianna a full scholarship if she chooses to attend the university.  Her father George was a citizen of the Third Ward and even graduated from Jack Yates High School which is close by the university. Gerald Smith, the chairman of the TSU Foundation said, “The TSU Foundation… Read more »

Walmart Will Stop Locking Up Black Hair Care Products In Stores

For a long time, Walmart has been criticized for keeping Black and multicultural hair care and beauty products behind lock and key in certain stores. That practice will stop now.  Walmart said the locked products were only in 12 of the store’s 4,700 locations but the outrage of the implied meaning has reached a new… Read more »

Adidas Pledges to Increase Diversity

Adidas has made a pledge to increase diversity in the workplace after calling themselves out for not doing enough for its black employees. “We’ve celebrated athletes and artists in the Black community and used their image to define ourselves culturally as a brand, but missed the message in reflecting such little representation within our walls,”… Read more »

George Floyd Protestors Loot Target Store

A demonstration to protest the death of George Floyd on Wednesday got out of hand as a number of participants looted a Minneapolis Target store. Video taken by TV news crews shows groups of protestors running into and out of the retail store, carrying away such items as big screen TVs, furniture, clothing and groceries…. Read more »